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Opportunity Abounding, Free Time Lacking!

*Note: I am definitely going to brag about my life, but there is some updates too, so stick with me.

During this term I am taking a Media Professions course, in which people of different journalistic careers come in and discuss their success stories with us. After each class I leave thinking, “There is no way I am going to be as successful as these people.”

Coming into journalism I knew it would be difficult to take the industry by storm. So many people are looking to make a name out there, and since people can barely pick me out of a crowd of all the other brunette girls, I can’t see why they would be able to do so on a piece of paper.

And so, with help from my research-junkie mother, I decided to make myself stand out the best way I can. Build the most impressive resume any editor will ever see. And despite how crazy my friends think I am (They are waiting for me to die of exhaustion) I have managed to snatch some incredibly lovely positions for writing and journalism in general, plus a paid position! I am beginning my journey into journalism, and i thought I would give you all a sneak peek!



If you don’t know, I have been writing Teenage Enthusiasm for the better part of three years now. And as always, I try to keep the content fresh, which can be difficult with several other opportunities coming to the forefront. While not much is happening right now, as it is midterms and school is incredibly demanding at the moment, and will be next term, I can assure you that this summer the content coming will blow off your socks! Imagine guest bloggers, collaborations of all sorts, tons of stories from my travels, and I will be making the big move to Eugene and my first apartment!


I’ve been very fortunate to become a contributor for Huffington Post. They are great to work with and it is nice to write for a bigger audience. I see people I don’t know who are talking about my article and I get the shivers. It is insane! I’m hoping to make my articles more regular, but one can only hope. I should have another article on their site coming up soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


This is a new one! I am now a national contributing writer for Her Campus and I cannot wait to start! I love working with bigger websites that benefit people like me (college females) because the assignments I am given are always a challenge, and I love a challenge! It will be interesting seeing how this will all work out, and I will definitely keep you all posted on this exciting new position!


This is my second term on UO student-run magazine, Ethos. Last term I was a writer for campus activities, and this term I am a copy editor for sports. If you know me, I am not really a sport person (though I love baseball) so it has definitely been testing my limits on knowledge. But as always the people are nice and I really like copy editing, so it’s been pretty great. Maybe I’ll actually learn some things about sports. Or I might even attend a sports game. SHOCKER!


This is another new project and I love it! I’ve been thinking of television work for a while now, and this opportunity is golden for that. DuckTV is the UO television channel, and it is so much fun! I work on the PR team (another first) and getting to tweet all day is pretty golden if you ask me. The people are hilarious and kind, and on Wednesdays we have screenings and the talent on the screen is amazing! Definitely one of my favorite extracurriculars ever.


Okay, so onto my new job, one I am actually paid for. It is a student job, for UO students, but that only makes it better as it works around my schedule. I work for the IT Help Desk and in the week I’ve worked there it has been amazing. My co-workers are nice and I couldn’t be more thankful for them since a lot of the technology is new for me. And it’s only Monday-Friday, so my weekends are free to sleep and do homework. And the pay is great, so I will finally have money. That means I can still go to university. Whoo!


This is still a work in progress. I am applying for a scholarship that I am hoping against all hopes that I will get. It is a dream opportunity and would be a fantastic way to spend my summer. Until the application is due I will be busting my bum making the most amazing application anyone has ever seen, so don’t get in my way. I. Am. Invincible.

So yes, that is what is going on with me. All of these amazing opportunities for one person, and it is amazing! Yes, my free time is a bit limited at the exact moment, but I’m enjoying everything I am doing. My friend said today, “You need to stop doing things,” and I think she’s a bit right. This is as busy as my schedule is going to get, as working myself this hard has led to some health issues.

But I wouldn’t trip it for the world!

Stay classy, Internet,









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