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Directing is: you’re overwhelmed the whole time. Your mind never stops. If you care about it. You wake up in the morning and you begin thinking about it and then you go to sleep at night and you’re still thinking about it. -Campbell Scott

You know when you get to the end of the day, and you look at all the work still to be done and think, “Well, if this doesn’t kill me, I’m invincible.”

Everyone is a complainer, myself included. But I’m not here to complain about the load of homework I have (and just finished after three hours), or the amount of work I have to do for Leadership, or even the fact that I’m completely exhausted. I’m here to keep you all from losing your knickers.

By now, a week into the school year, most Juniors at my school are overwhelmed. The work load is huge, our sleep schedule is ruined, and we just want to talk to our friends who we haven’t seen all summer. And for people taking lots of AP and Honors classes, don’t even complain to us.

I was taking to a Freshmen today, who was complaining about how he had to finish a worksheet for Spanish. I asked him if it was all the homework he had tonight. He said yes. And kept on complaining throughout the period that he had soooo muuuuch hooommmmeeworrrkkkkk. So I said, “Don’t even go there boy.”

(Not really. I’m a white 16-year-old girl. I can’t pull that off.)

There is a lot going on in life. We might not even notice until we get to the breaking point, where we’re faced with deadlines we can’t meet and problems we don’t have time to solve. And that’s when we end up on our parents’ couch, crying into the cushions while good ol’ Mom rubs our back. We need to learn to take our pace, to know when to do things and not procrastinate. That is, unless your mom gives really good back massages.

Even though I’m feeling very much overwhelmed by the amount of homework and general responsibility I have, I know that if I take my time, give each responsibility it’s rightful amount of attention, not leave anything off until the last moment, and ask for help when I really need it, this year will not only be a successful year, but possibly the best year I’ve ever had 😀

Keep on being groovy and don’t procrastinate.

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