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Peonies, Maroon Shorts and Chai, Oh My: June Favourites

It’s getting to the end of the month and I’ve finally accumulated my list of my die hard for June. This month has been crazy. Between finals, flying home and starting a new job and a summer class, you know that the only way I can survive is if I have my favourites with me. Oh, and some chocolate.

This month was really about things that cheer me up and put a total smile on my face! And hopefully if you get as addicted to my favourites as I am, then you will too!

So Many June Favourites, So Little Time


Skin care

It’s summer, which means I hate makeup and like a natural face. But to pull that off I need clear skin. That’s why this month I’ve been really into taking care of my skin and washing and cleansing religiously. If you want to know some of my go-to skin products, check out my favourite products post!

Leather bags

25: Gift You Received - I am so grateful for this gorgeous #KateSpade @katespadeny I have drooled over for months. Thank you to the most generous and loving parents a girl could ask for!

My favourite brown leather bag

Okay, I’ve always loved leather bags, but currently it’s all I think about. There’s something about a leather bag that just makes me instantly feel put together. And if it’s one of my favourite ones I instantly have a pep in my step. Of course, faux leather is also perfect, and some of my favourites come from Forever 21.

Iced chai lattes

8:30 work days? Yes, this delicious creamy cool drink is perfect for giving me a shot of energy when I truly have none.

Maroon shorts

Maroon is definitely my colour *cough* blog colour *cough* and now it’s time that I have maroon shorts as well! Maroon shorts are great as a neutral, but still add that pop of colour that is essential for my summer style.

“Rather Be” Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne

THIS SONG IS MY JAM! And yes, I play it just about every time I shower, get dressed, walk to class, make dinner, etc.


Affairs cover

Oh, did you know that I published a book? No? Well, I published a book. And you can buy it here on Amazon! If you like drama, witty comments, and infidelity coming out the hoo ha, then Affairs is definitely for you! Help me get to my 100 book mark.

And if you’ve read Affairs already and appreciate it for the literary genius it is, would you mind posting a review on Amazon maybe? I’d really appreciate it.

French braids

I do not like heat, especially when my hair sticks to my sweaty face. And that’s why french braids were invented. A stylish, simple way to put my hair back so I can study hard and…study hard without wispy hairs stuck to my cheeks. And when you take it out, hello beachy waves!


For years I did not know what peonies were. And I didn’t know that peonies were called peonies. But now I do and all I want are gorgeous peonies in every aspect of my life. They make me so happy!


Stay classy, Internet,










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