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Period Survival Guide + THINX Review

I’m just going to go out and say it: Periods suck.

And as someone who has one every month for the last 10 years of my life, I have learned a thing or two about how to deal with the excruciating experience of my uterus shedding its lining. And it’s about time I share all of the important tips and tricks I use to get through my week and don’t roll around on the floor in pain. Plus, I’m going to review my new period essential.

Who’s ready to show their period who’s boss?

Your Period Survival Guide + THINX Review

Stock your pantry

Because of your body losing blood and going through hormone turmoil, it’s important to make sure your body feels fed and comfortable. The week before my period I make sure to stock up on snacks, hearty meals, and cookies. Of course, healthy food is important too, so try to find a good mix between the two. Studies have shown that eating healthy is important during your period, but as a period-haver, junk food is necessary to making your day a little better. For a compromise, buying pretzels or unbuttered popcorn is a great thing to stick in the cupboard. Oh, and chocolate because it makes everything WAY better.

Take ibuprofen early

As people, we are taught to take pain meds when we first feel the pain. But taking pain meds before your period starts actually helps with the pain. I like to start taking ibuprofen a day or two before my period starts, and once it begins, the pain is lessened and the Midol I take when it does flare up is more effective. This is the best tool you can use.

Keep it warm

Tea. Blankets. Heating pads. Slippers. All of these are super helpful. Your body needs warmth to heal, and the heat lessens any discomfort. On days when it is particularly bad and I feel like I can’t take it anymore, there is a go-to routine. Put on sweatpants and a long-sleeve tee, ball up in a blanket on the couch, drink some tea or hot cider, and watch TV. Being bundled up and warm really does help with how draining periods can be.

Up your protein uptake

Eat protein. Eat lots of protein. While we’re tempted to carb binge for the week, protein will actually curb that craving and be much more beneficial. Protein is one of the best things you can put into your body, and it helps replenish your body and provides strength. Stock up on chicken breast, deli meat, frozen chicken or turkey dinners, and other protein meals. These are going to keep you fueled throughout the hardest week of the month.


Have you heard of THINX? They are underwear with a protective lining in it that keeps from leaking through to clothes. They come in three sizes: Hiphugger (with 2 tampons worth of blood), Cheeky (with 1 tampon worth of blood), and Thong (with 1/2 tampon worth of blood). They make your period more comfortable and less gross.

I tried THINX this past week and they are completely worth the hype. I wore mine from 10 in the morning until 8 at night and had no leaking or wetness at all throughout the day. I felt like I was wearing normal underwear all day (which was great considering I had a test) and they are really easy to care for. If you want your period to feel like a normal working day without the worry of running to the bathroom to change, THINX is your solution.


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