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Predicting the Future and Other Silly Things

Now that I’m a Junior I find myself having to think of the future so often. From what college I am going to, to what I’m going to do as a career, to where I’m going to live, and everything else that happens in the average human’s life.

From the big stuff, like being able to afford a house, to the small stuff, like whether you are going to have time in your job to visit your parents for Christmas, it all ends up taking over your mind when you think of the future. And it’s ridiculous. There is no possible way we can predict the future, even if we were to plan every single detail of our lives. Life happens and it throws us curveballs and predicting our future is just plain…silly.

My family and I had a discussion about the future today. As I was sitting there, listening to everyone put their two cents in, it occurred to me that everyone tries to predict the future. I’ve even done so on the odd day. We all want to know what is going to happen, as is our human nature. But can we really? Even if I say I want to be a journalist and take all the necessary steps to become so, life can happen so quickly that I might never even have the opportunity to become a journalist and end up working at Taco Bell until I’m 70.

So the question here is, is trying to predict the future the smartest thing you can do? I’m not talking planning (like planning what college you would like to go to or how many kids you would like) but of trying to exactly see how your family would go, like talking a walk every Thursday or whether or not you’d go to your parent’s or your spouse’s parent’s house for Thanksgiving. The entire idea can be so blown out of proportion that it cannot possibly go well. And that’s when you have to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Because living in the moment makes every moment a little more special.

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