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Prep is Important

As told by my last post, I am currently an avid studier for the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test). Figuring that I am taking it in exactly a month, my nerves are shot at the idea that I will soon be taking a 3 hour test that can be a deciding factor of me getting into university. And considering I really want to go to a competitive private school, my scores need to hit rocket proportions.

When I first started studying a year ago, just with doing the Daily SAT Question, I didn’t take it very seriously. But that small amount of practice for a year made a huge difference, just with getting me familiar with the question format. Now, I read The Official SAT Study Guide every night before I go to bed and Hack the Sat in my free time during school. Going through these books is incredibly helpful for me, because I become used to the format and these books use previous test questions for their examples, giving you a real idea of the questions! Plus, the people of TOSSG are the same people who make the SAT. Who else could help you study better?

The SAT is a stressful time for any student, especially those who need really high scores to get into their dream school. I’ve found myself a few times flipping out over getting a question wrong, or not understanding how to find the answer to a problem. And that’s just how life is. But the trick is to not flip out while studying. Instead, keep a calm head, know that you do know the material, you just can’t put the material to the question, and that you can always re-take the SAT. If you go head over heels about getting a perfect score and starting breathing fire, chances are that you will concentrate more on that than the studying. If you stay calm, take a few deep breaths, and level-headedly read the problem again, chances are it will make sense to you soon.

I’m nervous about taking the SAT next month. I got an average score on the PSAT and I’m a bit worried about getting a better-than-average score on the SAT. Do any of you have great SAT study tips? What was your score? Please leave all comments below and have a great week!

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