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Remaining Positive In All This Negativity

It seems we can’t go a day recently without another awful announcement. From sexual assault to mass shootings to natural disasters to deaths, there is so little good that graces the front page. So how do we stay positive when everything feels negative?


Many other bloggers have shared how these tragic happenings have affected them and I stand with them. My heart hurts every time I read the news. Las Vegas had me panicking, texting an old roommate who lives there. Puerto Rico is regularly in my prayers. Tom Petty was a life taken too soon, as his music brought so much joy to my family. And the amount of sexual assault survivors coming forward in just a few days has me truly worried about our culture. There is so much bad. How are we supposed to live our normal lives when so many are hurting?

We aren’t.


The most we can do is to work toward change {Call your senator! Donate! Do not slut shame!} and to continue being a warrior. Be a warrior by keeping level-headed. The minute we let ourselves become overwhelmed we can no longer be the change we want.

Today I am sharing some methods I’ve used in the past when I feel down from what is going on.  Hopefully they can help you to stay positive no matter what the news says so you can continue to make the world a better place.

Being Positive For Change

Be around loved ones. Negativity reinforces feeling of isolation. Spend time with those that love you to remind you that you are not alone in this. I called up a family member this week and we had dinner. We didn’t need to discuss current events for me to feel like I have another warrior in my life, someone who is also weighed down, but still fighting.

Pray/meditate. Also, religious or not, we all need time to quietly share our struggles and hopes. Lifting that burden lightens our load and allow us to enjoy the positive parts of life. When we don’t feel weighed down, we are able to think proactively toward the bad.

Read positive news. I know, it seems impossible, but there is positive news. There are videos of women discussing their escape from the Holocaust. Articles about people getting upset about a cartoon sauce. And photos of dogs greeting their military owners. By surrounding yourself in media that lifts your spirit – and probably happy cry, be honest – we let our hearts have a break from the burden.

Some happy news to read now: Dogs Tutor Children


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