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Say No to Bullying

We all have our different bullying stories. Here’s mine:


At the age of four I got glasses to treat my Amblyopia. When I was six I got an eye patch to help strengthen my right eye. I remember the kids use to call me four eyes, and when I got my patch, I wasn’t even allowed to play tag because I was ‘too weird’. It hurt so much to be discriminated against because of a disease I was born with. Kids never viewed me the same because I was trying to fix what was wrong with me. I spent almost all of 7th grade not wearing glasses because I didn’t want people teasing anymore. Bullying has followed me my entire life, and shaped me into a stronger person.


I’m going to be honest here. Bullying is something that I stand up for more than anything. It has affected my life so much that I would be a completely different person had I not experienced it for so long. As I said, it started when I was really young. And it never got better, because the older we got, the meaner we became. In 7th grade, when I’d just started a new school and had no friends, two girls cornered me during lunch and asked me why I was such a loser since I had no friends. I can’t remember ever feeling so low and unimportant. That’s what bullying does, makes you feel worthless.

Bullying is the cruelest form of punishment because you can’t take it back. If you say something is obese, you can’t take that back. It’s out of your mouth and into their ears, where every word is resonating, killing their self esteem. What kind of person wants to do that?

The worst kind of bullies in my opinion are the ones who don’t believe they are bullying. These are the kids who were bullied when they were younger and it really hurt them. And to them, they couldn’t possibly bully because they’ve been so emotionally traumatized from their own experiences. And yet, they do bully and it hurts people, but they don’t realize because they couldn’t possibly bully. That’s. Not. True. Anyone can bully, anyone can hurt feelings, and anyone can get hurt.

So say “no” to bullying. Stop the hate and start the love. If you find bullying in your school, tell someone and fix it before we see more of the negative side effects of bullying, such as suicide, mutilation, and depression. People who are bullied need people who can be nice. When I feel at my absolute lowest, ground zero, to have someone show me the smallest inkling of kindness, like my 7th grade principal, it can change everything. He talked to me during the rest of lunch and by the time I got to my next class, I feel better than I had all day. He even brought the girls to his office and they apologized. Bring an adult into the situation if needed. Even stopping one bullying situation is enough. Stop the hate and start the love.

I hope you’ve all read this and feel inspired to create a better life for kids who are bullied. Even the smallest gesture can fix this huge problem. Do what you can to help.

Here’s a PSA of a Disney Channel star that I saw yesterday while babysitting that inspired this post. I thought it was really inspiring and special.

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