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Secret Santas

I’ve always found the idea of Secret Santa to be pretty amazing. Drawing a person to get a present for and then spending x-amount of time looking for a gift for them while secretly hiding it from them. Absolutely brilliant!

My friends and I do Secret Santa every year. This was only my second year (since I’m a newbie at the lunch table) but I still enjoy it like a veteran. We all drew names from a hat (lunch pail, to be precise) and ended up with almost the exact same people as last year. Which, may I just say, cracked me up.

I think Secret Santa only really works if you know the person you’re Santa for. If you put together a random group of people and had them draw names for Secret Santas, you’d end up with a whole lot of hubabaloo. When people don’t know other people they end up buying stuff they would personally like. If I ended up having to buy something for a someone I didn’t know, I’d buy them a general gift based on their gender. Or the new Adele CD. Whatever.

For my gift, I gave my friend this really nice card I made in Photoshop (that ended up looking really nice) with an iTunes card taped to it. I also hole-punched it and strung this adorable bag of green and red M&M’s through it. Then I put it in a huge box and wrapped it up. They never saw it coming.

“You got me a box! Just kidding. What did you get me…you got me a piece of paper? Thanks. And an iTunes card? Oh, you’re awesome!”

As for me, my friend (who knows me so well and always gets me these great gifts that I adore) got me three movies. “About a Boy”, “Moulin Rouge” and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. Absolutely amazing films that I love dearly. I was so excited that I hugged her tightly and possibly squealed. Three more movies to add to my vast collection.

Do you and your friends do Secret Santas? What about your family? Please e-mail me your Christmas traditions!

Only 5 more days until Christmas! Gosh, I am so excited!

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