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Simple Luxuries For a Better Week

One of my biggest goals in life is to surround myself with things that make me happy. And that means purchasing items that feel luxurious and special, that really add to my life.

Even when I’m having a horrible day, coming home to a space filled with things that make me feel like I’m staying in a hotel spa completely changes my day. So when I’m selecting anything from daily groceries to bed linens to beauty products I make sure they make me feel like I am living my best life.

Below is a list of items that I purchase that I feel really add to my life experience by how luxurious and fancy they feel, especially when they don’t break the bank.

Simple Luxuries of The Enthusiast Lifestyle

White linens

✖️️MORNINGS // Muse by Maike // Instagram: @musebymaike #MUSEBYMAIKE:

Ever since I switched to white linen I feel like I’m waking up in a hotel suite, even when I get three hours of sleep.


Regularly exfoliating makes my skin feel clear and helps wake me up even when I feel like I’m dragging. And you can find really amazing ones for cheap – mine is $10 and lasts for months.


Cranberry, Brie, and Prosciutto Grilled Cheese.  Great use for leftover cranberry sauce!:

I love prosciutto. Add it to just about anything and suddenly you have a decadent special meal. I always have some in my fridge in case the mood hits.


Love the idea of grey candles instead of sticking to tradtional white/cream…:

Candles add warmth to any room. I always have some on a side table for when the mood hits, such as late night conversations with friends or early morning writing.

Warm baths

Marble subway tile with claw-footed tub in this beautiful bathroom.:

Taking baths on a regular basis (two a week if you can) is a great to destress and feel special, especially with bath bombs or salts added to the water.

 London fog lattes

Saturday Sips: London Fog | Evermine Occasions | #drink #recipe:

I believe there is no drink more soothing than a London fog. Earl grey is a soothing tea because of bergamot and lavendar, and the vanilla added just makes it sweet and comforting. Even if it’s just adding vanilla creamer to my tea at work, Earl Grey and vanilla together make my day better.

Nice coat

Classic basics styled well...:

You can feel like you’re wearing the worst outfit, but adding a nice coat (one of nice material and a longer length) makes the outfit feel more put together.


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