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Six Perfect School Hairstyles

As we approach finals week, I find myself struggling to make my hair look decent. Actually I’m struggling to look anything other than sleep-deprived and sickly. And as looking decent is important, it’s time we find some easy ways to do so.

After doing some research, and playing around with my hair, I have found six hairstyles that look (more than) decent and are easy enough for a busy time like finals. Shall we take a look?

12 Hairstyles That Look Like You Put Effort In When You Actually Slept in For 20 More Minutes

1. The Loose, Messy Bun

Any girl knows that the bun is your friend, and the messy bun is a best friend. Whether you want a little more of a casual style, or you just don’t have the time to slick back those flyaways, the messy bun is quick and cute and effortless for a long day of studying and exam taking. For a guide to the perfect messy bun, click here.

2. The Bow Pony

The ponytail is a little bit plain for a cute, everyday look – so add a bow to it! This cute little hairstyle is super easy and great on time. Simply pin your hair up in a ponytail (every girl’s first hairstyle) and add a bow above the hairtie for a pretty add-on to a pretty plain look.

3. Braided Bangs

Braided bangs are a favourite of mine, and they should be yours too! I definitely wear this style any time that I can because it’s easy and looks like you definitely put some effort in this morning – even though you probably added about a minute and a half to your usual routine. Simply take the front part of your hair and braid it away from your face (like this tutorial) and don’t worry about those pesky hair strands falling in your face while you cram facts into your brain.

4. Celtic Knot

Ready for something a little exciting? Try the Celtic knot! This seemingly difficult style is actually easy and looks cooler than any half-up style around. If you’re confused how to do it, follow this tutorial and try it yourself. It’s a fun new twist on a simple hairstyle that makes you look like you’ve put effort together without actually spending an hour on your hair.

5. Criss-cross

If you’re a hairstylist who likes a challenge – without time constraint – then you definitely need to try this. This criss-cross overlapping half-up ‘do looks super complicated, but doesn’t take much time at all! Use this tutorial to guide you through this super cool look that means you’ll be out and about to the library in no time!

6. Curls

You think curls are too difficult for a busy school schedule? Think again. This tutorial shows several different kinds of curls that can be done in three minutes! You guys know I love curls and being able to do them quick and cute is so important, especially when I want to go from school to date night in a flash. Definitely recommend trying out this one!


Now you have no excuse to not look cute at school! Let your finals week be good and your grades be even better!

Stay classy, Internet,










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