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"So I Hear You're Having a Baby…"

I have this thought every time I go on Facebook. “Who’s pregnant this time?”

At the ripe age of 19 years old, I’m finding it more and more common to find my high school peers pregnant. Now, I’m not going to focus on how many were in or out of wedlock, but merely the sheer number of times it has happened.

I don’t know what it is about leaving high school and achieving that “I am 18 and an adult” status that means we should start marrying our first loves and popping out babies like we used to pop Pez. I enjoy only worrying about myself! The idea of taking care of another human being is…surreal? I mean, I daily kill people on the Sims.


And yet here are people my age (and younger) who are buying diapers while I’m spending my money on selfish purchases. And while the old-fashioned generation looks down on us, most of us have accepted it as a part of culture. “Oh, Suzanne’s having a baby? Yeah, so are Cynthia, Marley, and Genevieve.”

I applaud the women who are able to raise a child at a young age. As a nanny, my favourite part of the job is when the parents come home and take the baby away. As a mother, you don’t get that luxury. Darn.

It takes a lot to nurture a child into being well-rounded and healthy. If you can do that before your 20th birthday, you deserve an award. And with the amount of young women on my Facebook having their baby bumps and strollers in their profile pictures, I hope that they all get those awards.

Okay, let’s move back to the less serious young mom stuff.

But really, do you know how weird it is to see breast pumps and toddler food on Facebook? I’ve seen more baby shower photos and engagement announcements in the last year than my mom has!

I wish I understood more of why the baby rise is happening. Did I miss a fad on a sick day from school? Is there a magical baby belly fairy going around the neighbourhoods? The world may never know.

All I know is that that baby belly fairy better stay the heck away from me.


What are your views on the high levels of young pregnancy? And I mean without the religious stance or any of that, but just the sheer amount of it happening. Why do you think it’s heightened? Please share in the comments.

Thank you for reading and listening to my crazy little rants like I produce every week. I hope as usual I’ve entertained and enlightened, and maybe made you think a little. I was stumped on what to write, and then I went on Facebook, and bam! let’s talk about how many of my Facebook friends are having babies!

Okay, it’s time to sign off. Stay safe and don’t let the baby belly fairy get to you on Valentine’s.

Stay classy, Internet,










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