Softly-Spoken Enthusiasms (July Guest Post)

Hiya Enthusiasts! Once again, I have another amazing writer here on the blog to share their talents with you! Today it is Sabrina, from Books and Bark, and I am so excited to share her with you! Her own enthusiasm for her volunteering and writing is very inspirational and I know brought back nostalgia to my time running service clubs in high school. I know you’re all going to love her because she’s such a sweetheart. Give her piece a lot of love and care because it’s super sweet. You can read the piece I wrote for her here. So, without further ado, let me welcome Sabrina to the world of Teenage Enthusiasm!



Hi there, Enthusiasts! I’m Sabrina, and I’m delighted to have been working with Morgan here to guest post on her brilliant blog (which, I may add, I have shyly watched from afar over the course of the past year). I’m hoping this won’t disappoint you, and I most definitely hope you like it. But we’re all enthusiasts here (aka huge fans of Morgan’s blog!), so I have full faith that you will tolerate this modern-day form of torture for her sake. A bit about me: I’m a young teen with plenty of enthusiasms, which include writing, reading, binge-watching Doctor Who, and volunteering. I don’t like long, bios, so I guess I’ll just cut to it. If there’s one thing that has led to my happiness today, it would be this: follow your passion. Follow your dreams, and do what you love. Don’t mind what other people say. Be you, because you is amazing. Don’t pretend your enthusiasms are something, when they are really something else. Live your dream. Find what you love. – Sabrina


We are obsessive. We love the latest jewelry, makeup, TV shows, and pop stars. We can spend all day binge-watching television, almost forget our friend’s birthday, then send them an Amazon gift card at the last moment, and feel like we saved a life.

For most teenagers, volunteering is not cool. It’s something you do to get high school credits or show off to colleges. It doesn’t make you popular, or help you socialize, or win you accolades. It’s never seemed like the kind of thing that will get you Freshly Pressed, or will get likes and comments and conform to the commercial view of things. It is so much more. It started out, at least for me, as a selfish thing: As an excuse to spend more time with animals in my community. I didn’t want to scoop poop, didn’t want to stay extra hours for clean-up and set-up, or take extra time outside of my small, 2-hours-a-week bubble of volunteering.

And then I met Max.

Max, running on the beach.

Max, running on the beach, three legs and three hundred tail wags.

Three-legged, stumpy, one-year-two-month-old Max. A car crash claimed his front leg, and nearly took his life. He was taken into rescue, put into surgery, and brought out a loppy, weird-faced, three-legged cutie of a boy. He’s pretty much all the things people don’t want: an “ugly” pit bull with only three legs with some aggression issues due to abuse. But to me, Max is one of the most amazing dogs there is.

For over a year, he’s been in rescue. Most dogs who are there for that long get a foster. But not Max.

But he manages.

His listing on the shelter website says, “three legs + lots of <3.” I couldn’t think of something that describes him better. Max is beautiful. Sure, maybe his looks aren’t the greatest, but that happiness… you can just feel it. Through his wagging tail and the tongue that is always ready to lick you on the face. Through his happy waddles, his failed escapades to try and grab the treat box, and his patient tolerance of the toddlers (most of the time :P). He is happy and hopeful, and he’s every good thing in between. That’s what makes me love them all. They are the best in us, brought out and amplified a hundred times.

I fell in love with Max, the dog. And Max helped me fall in love with his life-saver, the animal rescue.

Two years and several volunteering positions later, I live for the stuff. I breathe its essence. And not a word of it appears on my blog.

I can’t help but feel proud, every time I see a dog adopted. Because even if you’re the poop-scoop, even if you just look on sadly, wishing you could take them all home with you, knowing every single dog by name; you just helped save a life, or made one better. You made a difference. And that’s an amazing thing.

But a blog post on volunteering isn’t mainstream enough. Not enough people would like it, or comment, or reblog. But why should it matter, what they say? Maybe it’s not commercial enough, and maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe the essence connecting it with me is too complex and wonderful to put into words, or pictures, or anything else except doing.

But why should it matter what others think, Enthusiasts? Why should their actions influence my life, and Max’s? Maybe if I had put his picture up a long time ago, he would have gotten adopted. And maybe I didn’t and that’s what made the difference. Perhaps that is why Max has been in the shelter his entire life. My sentence on my volunteering bio reads, “I am a voice for animals, because since they cannot speak, we must speak for their rights.” I should have been doing that.

Blog about something that matters.


Six randomly-selected dogs needing homes (plus Max). Think that there’s one that you can call your own? Please leave a comment or e-mail Sabrina at booksandbark [at] gmail [dot] com!


If you like what Sabrina has to say, make sure to follow her on Twitter @booksandbark and her blog Books and Bark.









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