Song Saturdays 3: HCR, Jessie, MIKA, Maroon 5 & Jamie

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 20: Song Saturday

Song Saturdays

Ello Enthusiasts! When packing up your life you need a good playlist to get you through the boxes upon boxes you have to pack. And when you have zero motivation (see: haven’t even started packing) it’s all about pumping yourself up with some awesome music. And so, while I pack boxes and make sure not to forget anything, you can also indulge in this playlist!

The Box Packing Playlist

1. Tonight Tonight – Hot Chelle Rae

I always like to have Hot Chelle Rae in my playlists because their music gets me pumped! This song in particular is good for just keeping my rhythm steady while I work. Plus, the lyrics are entertaining! If you like this song, also check out “Downtown Girl.”

2. Bang Bang – Jessie J

Okay, I always heard this song on the radio, and then it came on Spotify and I was like, “I NEED THIS SONG AS MY SOUNDTRACK!” It’s a fun, pumpy song to get you going through the day. Perfect for placing mugs in boxes for hours on end. Yes, I do have that many mugs. Definitely a good one for those who are Top 40 enthusiasts.

3. Popular Song – MIKA

Oh look, another song featuring Ariana Grande! This song kept coming up on Spotify and I really just dug it. And now it’s here on Song Saturday! I like that it is just kind of a fun song to listen. Lighthearted for when you just want something pleasant to listen to. And once again, it’s Ariana Grande.

4. Lucky Strike – Maroon 5

Okay, not going to lie, I’ve been playing this on repeat in the shower for the last week. It gets me going every time and I know it will get me through this weekend! I, as should everyone else, love Maroon 5 and this song definitely does not disappoint. It is just ridiculously awesome!

5. Unbreakable – Jamie Scott

Yeah, not really a pumping song, but I heard it live and it’s such a beautiful song. I like to sing along and just listen to how wonderful it is. This is just a nice song to have playing in the background.


Okay, so who’s ready to tackle the weekend with that playlist?!

Thanks for reading and for being part of Everyday Enthusiasm, blogging every day in September! Check back tomorrow for Sweet Treats Sunday where I teach you how to bake!

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