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Song Saturdays 4: One Summer Only to See Frank Green Kings

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 27: Song Saturday

Song Saturdays

Good morning, Enthusiasts! Of course, this depends on your time zone, but if you’re from the Pacific Northwest, I hope you’re having a fantastic morning. Rest of the world, how’s your day going?

I’m spending my morning in my lovely new bed (it’s ginormous and so comfortable. I’m amazed I ever leave it.) because I’ve walked so much the past few days that I’m afraid my legs might fall off. The elevator in my building is still not up, so I have to walk five flights of stairs several times daily. Yes, I do deserve a day in bed.

While I sit here enjoying my morning, I thought it was proper time I shared this week’s Song Saturday! The inspiration behind this week was the music playing while I was unpacking my apartment. The list is probably quite different from what I’ve been doing the last few weeks, but I hope it will solidify my point of “Morgan listens to basically anything as long as it has a good beat or rocking instrumental.”

Morgan’s Good Beat/Rocking Instrumental Playlist

1. Check Yes, Juliet – We the Kings

I’m pretty sure anyone my age who hears this song immediately thinks of middle school. This was basically a staple of 8th grade. I’ll play this song whenever and wherever, and when I do people always say, “I love this song!” It’s an essential piece of music for everyone. It’s just rocking and the lyrics are cool. Needs to be on everyone’s playlist.

2. Have You Seen This Man – FranKo

When I was 15 I was obsessed with FranKo. My best friend at the time actually ordered their CD overseas just for my birthday. This last weekend packing up my room I found their CD and downloaded it to my iPod. I’ve rediscovered my love. This is my favourite song from the album, but the entire album is full of good songs. I chose this one because I have all the lyrics memorized and it’s a cool song with a good instrumental.

3. Don’t Stop (Acoustic) – 5 Seconds of Summer

This song has a really fantastic studio version, but I’m obsessed with the acoustic. Everyone needs this on their playlists to play forever and forever. Seriously, just listen and fall in love.

4. American Idiot – Green Day

I remember the first time I told someone I like Green Day. “No you don’t, you love pop music.” Let me tell you, I’m a Green Day fan. And “American Idiot” is one of those songs I’ll probably be listening to on my deathbed I like it so much. I’ve included it in this week’s SS because the instrumental is awesome. The words aren’t even necessary for it to be such a great song. You all need to be heavily familiar with this song.

5. Say You Don’t Want It – One Night Only

This song has been in my playlists for years now. I dig it like none other. I really like this band and have been following them for some time. This song is just one of those songs you hear and it resonates with you. I’ve forced it upon lots of people and I found it fitting for this week. A week of new things, and this great song about sticking with your roots. Definitely give it a listen (psst, Emma Watson is in the music video. She dated the lead singer.)


And that’s Song Saturday! What songs have you been really digging this week? I need something to get me through the first week of school.

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and I thank you for coming to this blog and checking out what I have to say. This has been the last Song Saturday for Everyday Enthusiasm *tear* but if you check back tomorrow we’re making yummy muffins on Sweet Treat Sunday!

Stay classy, Internet,










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