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Spring Cleaning…Unintentionally

While I don’t believe in spring cleaning (as you should clean your house up every few months or so instead of once a year), I do believe in giving my room a good deep clean when it needs it. Over the last two weeks, I have been in and out of the house, studying, going to appointments, traveling, baking cupcakes, taking AP tests, getting my braces on, and preparing for my upcoming trip to Europe. It’s been so crazy that I’ve barely had time to organize my thoughts, let alone clean my room. At the end of two very crazy weeks, my room was dirtier than my brother’s, for the first time ever.

Since I have a 3-day weekend (because it’s Memorial Weekend! Whoo!) I decided I would take my extra time and do some real cleaning. And I don’t mean picking up clothes and straightening the sheets. I put things away and even did some re-organization. And, as I was picking up, I took some pictures to show the huge difference a few hours can make if you use some simple tips. So, to help you with your spring cleaning (and because I want you all to have spotless rooms too) here is how to clean your room, unintentional-spring-cleaning style!

Here are the steps to clean/organize a mess into a picture-perfect, usable living space.


As you can see, this bed needed a lot of TLC. First, I cleared all of my junk off of my bed. That meant taking off the coats, the shopping bags, my backpack, towel, etc. I then made my bed the right way. I fluffed the pillows, straightened the sheets, tucked all the blankets under the mattress, and even put the accent pillow on the bed. Making the bed the right way at least once a week will keep your sheets from getting lost at the bottom of the bed.


 An easy thing to do is to put your bags all over the place. Leave them on the dining room table, in the office, on the arm of the coach, etc. Then, when you really need your purse, you have no idea where it is! When we moved into our house, my room had these little hook boards already installed. Although mine isn’t very pretty (DIY project, here I come!), it is incredibly useful for me to hang up my purses, umbrella, and my school bag.


My nightstand is the one place where things need to be in the right place. Waking up in the middle of the night needing a tissue and not being able to find one is pretty awful. My organization goes something like this: My tissues, water, and iDock remote are all closest to the bed, since I might need the water and tissues during the night and I need the remote to shut my alarm clock off in the morning. My mug (filled with notes from friends, a glitter wand I received one year, and all the rings I own), a watch box, and some small notebooks (all of them are in the same Tiffany Blue color family) are on the other side, as I will not need them during the night. On the first shelf is any books I am currently reading. This way I have easy access to them while in my bed (which, as you may have noticed from the first picture) is quite far from the ground. The second shelf is my dictionary (to look up words quickly while reading at night) and my slippers. Against my nightstand I lean my textbooks so that I can read them at night if I need to study for a test (I have a big History test on Tuesday).


My bureau gets really messy, mostly because it’s where I keep all my jewelry. Here are some of the tips I used to make sure I kept my bureau organized!


A desk can be the place that’s easiest to dirty up. You can put clothes on the desk chair. You can lay your unwanted mail on the desk. And then you have a big mess. I found that with a few easy tricks, I was able to turn my gross desk-turned-closet into a place where I can actually study for my Chemistry test and keep up on my daily to-dos. These are mostly great for people who want to be organized.

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