Spring Essentials

Spring is finally upon us! Unless you live where I do and it was hailing in mid-April. But nevermind. For those who live in normal conditions, the sun is shining, the flowers are growing, and spring is here! I absolutely love spring and all of the great things that go along with it. Spring is a great time for so much, so I thought today I’d share with you the parts of it that I find essential to enjoying these months! Let’s begin!



I am absolutely obsessed with mint shorts. Last weekend while out with my girls, I bought a pair from Old Navy that were absolutely to die for (they have polka dots)! I cannot wait for the weather to get better here so that I can wear them! I can wear them with a white v-neck and a jean jacket, or a plain tshirt, or white blouse. They are perfectly springy!


London Icons water bottle

It’s getting warmer, which means you need to stay cooler. Grab a cute water bottle (I love this one, it’s about 10 pounds from here) and do all of your daily activities while staying cool. Plus, you’re saving the environment but avoiding plastic water bottles!


I might not be a fan of Taylor Swift, but I sure do love her style! She made me fall in love with oxfords all over again. I bought the pair above from Gap and I am totally in love with them! A good oxford can pull an outfit together and these are fun! Don’t you wish your shoes were cute like mine?


If you aren’t sporting a bright bag, what are you doing with your life? A bright bag can add that perfect amount of color into your otherwise boring ensemble. Buy one, get one, you need one.


If you’re a writer like me, or if you like to make lists, or even if you want to write something down in class, a notebook is essential. However, a drab plain one isn’t going to make class fun. Neither is one of those creepy 1D ones (sorry, there are girls at my school who have them and I’m just like, “WHY?!?”) So, by getting a cute one, it makes journaling, note-taking, etc. much more fun and is going to overall get you in the spring mode. I bought myself an adorable anchor one from Home Goods and I’m obsessed with it! The one above is from Urban Outfitters.


And those are my spring essentials! If you want to know more of the things I find essential to enjoying my season, let me know in the comments! I might make a part two!

Thank you for reading and for being the best readers in the world. Over the last month I have gained over 100 subscribers and I am at such a loss for words. You are all amazing!!!!!

Stay classy Internet,


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