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Spring Hairstyles You Need to Try This Season

As the sun finally starts to peak out and college campuses around the country are littered with shorts and floral skirts, it’s time to mix up our beanies and long tresses with some more Spring-appropriate hairstyles.

While we mix up our fashion as the seasons change, we often forget that our hair is just as important as those flowers bloom. If it’s not for trends, then it’s because keeping cool in the heat is important. It’s hard to wear the same hair for 12 months a year.

That’s why it’s time to mix up the times and give your hair a boost as we begin our April showers, May flowers season!

2016 Spring Hairstyles You Need

Pulled back on one side

Not those flowers but I like this curly soft look with something swept up on the side.:

Spring is the time to play it romantic and soft, like this gorgeous do. Big, bouncy, loose curls pulled back on one side with a barrette (or a floral arrangement, like Kendall Jenner) makes the perfect look for class, a date, or a wedding. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Fishtail braid

Barefoot blonde = majoorrr hair envy.:

Because the weather is still adjusting some days are much warmer than others. Which is why this braid is not only spectacular, but will keep you cool! Simply fishtail braid from your bangs down and you’ll have a gorgeous braid that cascades down and keeps your hair out of your face no matter what you’ve got going on that day.

A bandana

Cute hair!:

For cute hair that isn’t in your face, but still showcases how much time you spent with your curling iron that morning, using a bandana to keep your bangs back is really cute and really in style currently. Whether it has a fun, unique pattern, or you stick with the basic cowboy style, using a bandana is cute and practical. I love using it for class or running errands.

Twisted back

18 Hairstyles That Can Stand Up to Crazy Spring Weather via Brit + Co.:

Getting hair out of your face without a bun or ponytail can be a bit difficult, but with this cute twisted style, it changes the whole game. Take the original half-up, half-down and make it unique and fun with some twists. The best part is that you can still play with your bangs but don’t need to worry about hair in your face all day.

Mini buns

Now, here’s a twist on the original that you’re going to love. Instead of one bun that makes your hair go all back and likely can fall flat, try a few mini buns! They help all structure and look adorable, especially when executed right. They’ll also stay in better because it’s less hair to contain.


What Spring hairstyles are your go-to? Let me know in the comments!

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