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Starting High School? Calm Yourself

As a request from Deb, this will be all about my tips for starting high school.

I started high school four years ago, and yes, it was terrifying. Not that I’m trying to scare you or anything.

I am the oldest child in my family, so I don’t have an older sibling who can give me advice or tell me that I’m going to be fine. This past year, having gone without that older sibling, I tried to do what I’d have liked to my younger brother (who is a freshman this year) and was basically rejected. Rejection hurts.

Since I was denied by a 14-year-old boy, I will share my tips on high school so that you can start it with much less stress than I had. This not only applies to high school, but to any new beginning (university, jobs, etc.)

My first day of high school I came home sobbing. It wasn’t because people had been mean but it was just so…foreign. And I’m not saying you will cry (I feel like I should admit that I’ve cried on the first day of every school year since third, except for this year) but it’s important that know what is facing you in this new experience.

  1. You are no longer the top dog. You might have been the queen of the school in eighth grade, but at high school you are not respected. You are a blip on the huge screen that is high school. It’s unfortunate, but true. The best way to deal with this is just be respectful. The other day a freshman bumped into me in the hallway and acted like it was my fault, and as I don’t know this person, it gives all the freshmen a bad name. Be one of those people who creates a good name. Upperclassmen really appreciate it.

  2. Be really organized. If your schooling system is anything like mine, moving from middle school to high school was a big culture shock. We went from having our lockers being right near our classrooms to having my locker be on the second floor and having my classes on six different levels. Insane! By being organized by using planners and keeping your notebooks all together, you won’t be sitting in class saying, “Teacher, I have to go to my locker. I forgot all my stuff.” That’s just embarrassing.

  3. Follow the rules. My school has a rule about freshmen not being allowed to leave campus for lunch. It’s one year for the four we are there. However, I know very few freshmen who actually follow that rule. And then they are caught by faculty and get in quite a bit of trouble and for the rest of your high school career that staff member will always remember you as the freshman who broke the rules.

  4. Don’t be obnoxious. There is nothing upperclassmen can’t stand more than obnoxious freshmen. And it’s so simple to not be obnoxious, all you have to do is not be too loud, not move too much, and don’t bump into people. When you are an upperclassmen you will realize just how great it is when you don’t have freshmen yelling at the top of their lungs about stupid jokes.

  5. Just be yourself. High school is a time to break out of those low self-esteem friendships and stereotypes that defined you in middle school. Follow your passions and dreams and make new friends. Join clubs. Learn Physics even if all of your friends think you’re a nerd for wanting to. High school is a great time to expand your horizons, and the sooner you start, the better the results.

And those are just some simple tips for starting high school. I hope that they are helpful. I mostly just want everyone to know that starting high school is something we all have to do and it will always be hard. However, if you make the best of the situation and just enjoy the experience, it’s bound to be great. Don’t let the fear of the striking out keep you from the game. (Clichés 1, Morgan 0)

Anyway, I’m off for the weekend! Remember to watch my Month of Christmas Cheer Instagram Challenge on my Instagram (@morganmckay) and in the menu bar in the header. I may possibly be posting some cheeky pictures of my weekend on Instagram. Possibly.

Stay classy internet.

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