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Stop Worrying and Enjoy Yourself

There are two types of people in this world. Those who spend their time worrying and those who spend their time not worrying.

I fall into that first category. Worrying is something I list as one of my hobbies. I constantly do it, and I’m sure it’s the reason I will die at 30. I worry about everything. Whether it be about school, money, family, friends, my writing, or even whether my hair looks okay, I just worry.

I don’t enjoy it. My Type A personality basically comes with the instinct of worrying. In my family the worrying gene usually skips a generation. But I broke that cycle. My grandmother is not a worrier, my mother is, and I am a worrier also. It’s a charmed life.

The issue with worrying is that everything becomes that much larger. The simplest worries become humongous and life-consuming. And if you’re an emotional person like me, a lot of crying. And that’s not healthy. Not at all. I want to enjoy things, not worry about them. To jump off a cliff and not worry about dying (but not literally because I would most definitely die.)

  1. I worry about school. I worry about whether I get along with anyone in my classes, if I will do well, if my teachers will like me, etc. My way of getting over it and enjoying school? Knowing that I am a friendly person who makes friends easily and that I already know most of my teachers and that I’m a good student and will follow a rigorous study schedule. Problem solved.

  2. I worry about growing up. About getting a job and going out into the world and having to be a whole independent person. Yes, I know it’s years away but I still worry. And the way to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ is to remember I am years away from that and to make the right decisions to make grown up life earlier. Problem solved.

And those are only some of the things I worry about.

But we’re all different. We all worry in different ways. So just remember that we are never given more than we can chew and as long as we dissect each chew, it will all good.

Thank you for being such groovy readers!

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