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Stress Cake

Welcome back to the wonderful land of Stressed-Out Morgan, where all I can think about is stress.

Stress takes over my life so quickly. And as I’ve become a Junior with AP and Honors classes, not to mention being a member of three clubs, stress seems to take over every week or so. And so I created a thing, a thing that just personifies exactly what all this stress is. A stress cake.

Stress Cake (n): Lots of little stresses that add up to one another, like little cake layers, and eventually make one huge thing, or cake.

My stress cake is huge currently. It started off with the fact I have three tests tomorrow, and they all affect my grade hugely. Then there was the fact I had to send out a mass e-mail and half of the e-mail addresses didn’t work, and finally, I didn’t know any of the vocabulary words for my vocabulary test TOMORROW! I could feel the muscles in my neck tightening and my brain spinning. But we all know the best way to get rid of a cake, especially a stress cake, is to eat it.

But how to eat a stress cake…

It’s quite simple. You must simply do each task. For me it meant preparing for all my tests separately. I went through my notes and now I’m a lot less stressed about my tests because I know what I am working with. Then it meant sending out the e-mail minus the addresses that weren’t working and making myself a little note in my planner to talk to those people. I felt even better. And then I made little flashcards and have been studying my vocabulary words ever since. I have all 36 of them down…well, 35 since I’m having trouble with one. I mean, who would have guessed that diaphanous meant semitransparent. Who would ever come up with that?

In the end, the best way to deal with your stress cake is to just do each item individually, separating them out so they don’t seem like such a huge burden. Obviously, some stresses are larger than mine (loved ones in the hospital, breast cancer, etc.) but dealing with them individually will really make your body calmer and less likely to freak out.

If you would like more advice on stress (I could write a whole book on it) please say so in the comments or on my Facebook page.

Happy holidays!

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