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Stumble Saturday: Childhood Games

This week’s Stumble Saturday comes from

This fantastic picture of a child couch surfing reminds me of all the games I played as a child. We all played them. It was part of our imagination as little kids. And as I get older, I find myself playing them sometimes too. There are times in our lives (such as the games we played when we were elementary aged) that we will never forget.

COUCH SURFING As a kid, there was nothing more fun than jumping on a couch and pretending I was surfing. I grew up mostly in California, where the beach was only an hour or so away. And since I was no match for the waves at the beach, the couch was the one to take my incessant jumping and tumbling.

THE FLOOR IS LAVA I can’t tell you how many times I played this The Floor Is Lava, and not by myself. When I was younger, I’d go to the grocery store with my mother and little brother. He, being the younger sibling, always followed my lead. So, when I decided one day that the black-and-white tiled floor was lava, of course I came up with this imaginative game. You could only step on the black tiles, or you were dead. I don’t remember who won, but it was one of those times where my brother and I didn’t fight and we actually got along. The funny part about this is I (being a high school student) actually played this last week with my friends. It’s what happens when your high school has multi-colored tiles on every floor 😀

HOUSE Who didn’t play House? Honestly. Put it in the comments if you didn’t. Because House is the one game that should be played by every child until the age of 10. It is the most fantastic childhood game out there. Someone is the mother, someone is the father, someone is the baby, and someone is the dog. I was always saddled with the baby, because my best friend was always the mother, my second best friend was the father, and the girl we didn’t like but had to hang out with because we were 8 and didn’t know you could get rid of friends was the dog. House was always fun. You had to make dinner and eat it, walk the dog, go to work, cry for your bottle, and other normal things that were so foreign and amazing to us as kids. It was my favorite game of all time.

TEA PARTY If you are a boy, you probably won’t be able to relate to this one. Unless you have an older sister or two. Tea Party is  when everyone dresses up and sits around a table while the girl who is hosting’s mother puts water in the tea set. You then drink your water all fancy like it is tea and talk about silly stuff. 8 year-olds don’t know what appropriate tea conversation is, so it mostly consisted of, “Pretend like you’re husband is going to work,” and, “I’m hungry. Do you have any cookies?” It’s the childhood game that is mostly played by little girls, but it was one of my favorites. I just mentally counted how many tea sets I still have. I have 3.

DOCTOR Oh, my goodness, I love Doctor. It is the cutest game. Even when I babysit I actually want to play. Doctor is when one person is the patient and one is the doctor. If you have more than two people, there can be multiples of patients and doctors. The goal is to heal the sick person before she or he ‘dies’. The fun part about this game and is the supplies you use to heal the person. I babysit this one 4 year-old and she uses all her kitchen items. She heals with carrots put in a plastic cup, a rolling pin to flatten me, and ketchup to put blood in me. It is the cutest things. I loved playing it as a child because you could use anything, and when you finally healed the person at the end, you felt like God. But not literally of course. You just felt pretty amazing.

And those of the majority of the amazing games I played as a child. What games did you play? Say so in the comments or on my Facebook page. And come back during the week and next Saturday for more goofy/nerdy/serious/random/pop culture/stuff posts to come!

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