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Stumble Saturday: Halloween

This week’s Stumble Saturday is from designincstudios.

Halloween is only two days away and I’m really excited! All of the fun and costumes and candy just creates one of the most creative holidays. As for myself, I am actually celebrating tonight with my friends.

WHAT ARE YOU FOR HALLOWEEN? I’m a nerd. I’m wearing bandaged glasses, dorky braids, a shirt buttoned all the way to the top, suspenders, khakis, and some major nerd shoes. I came up with it this morning, but it wasn’t as good as last year’s costume. I was Rachel Berry, and I was amazing.

HAVE YOU CARVED ANY PUMPKINS? No. That’s what I’m doing tonight at our party. I’m going to carve the Harry Potter logo. I saw it on Pinterest a few weeks ago and I’ve been dying to do it. I’m really excited!

FAVORITE PART ABOUT HALLOWEEN? Probably having the kids come to the door all dressed up.

WHAT IS SOMETHING YOU DID LAST HALLOWEEN AND WISH YOU’D DONE THIS YEAR? Last year my friends and I went to the big corn maze about 45 minutes away. It was so much fun. They fill this huge corn maze with monsters and booby traps. The best part (or at least the part I remember the most) was we were about half-way through and all of a sudden this man started walking really close behind me. It was really unnerving so I told my friends to walk faster, but they didn’t. And all of a sudden I heard a huge VROOOOM and the guy was holding a chainsaw! We all ran away and my friend yelled, “Damn you Corn Man!”

BEST PART ABOUT THIS HALLOWEEN? I get to spend time with my friends eating candy, carving pumpkins and watching Rocky Horror Picture Show, the best Halloween movie ever.

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