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Stumble Saturday: In Your Fridge

Today’s Stumble Saturday is brought to you from Design Boom.

How many of you watch MTV Cribs? I usually watch the episodes where they have celebrities that I know. The show is centered on celebrities (or just very rich people) and what their homes look like. The camera goes into the living room, bedroom, backyard, inside the fridge, and usually ends up at the pool or cars. It’s kind of a stupid show, but I like it.

I saw this picture and thought about MTV Cribs. They always look inside the person’s fridge and they talk about what food they own. Honestly, why do we even care what Jay Z is eating? It’s probably a lot of the same stuff as us. A common thing in almost every fridge on that show is vitamin water. It makes me laugh really hard, just because it’s flavored water with calories.

Anyway, so I decided to do my own “Cribs” fridge attack with my own refrigerator and show you exactly how silly and pointless it is.

WHAT ARE THREE THINGS THAT ARE ALWAYS IN YOUR FRIDGE? Milk, Mocha Mix, and some sort of cheese.

FAVORITE THING IN YOUR FRIDGE RIGHT NOW? Some leftover chicken Pra Ram from the Thai food place in town.


OLDEST THING IN YOUR FRIDGE RIGHT NOW? A pack of Jello from three summers ago when my brother was only allowed to eat jello and water for a day before surgery. I don’t know why we haven’t thrown it out yet.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO ALWAYS HAVE IN YOUR FRIDGE? Chicken nuggets. I live off those things. Whenever we buy them I go through them in about a week or two, so we don’t buy them too often.

WHAT DO YOU HATE HAVING IN YOUR FRIDGE? Old food. Whenever I look into the fridge and think, “Didn’t we buy this like six months ago?” it bothers me a bit. I just wait until it grows mold or smells bad and throw it away.

See how awfully pointless that was? You probably don’t care what I have in my fridge, but now you know me a bit better, which I guess is the point of MTV Cribs, to have the celebrity seem more real. Thank you for joining me for another Stumble Saturday and come again!

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