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Stumble Saturday: Pizza

This week’s Stumble Saturday is brought to you from Sad And Useless, which I had a use for today. Pun!


  1. About a year ago, my family ordered pizza for my brother’s birthday. The choices were Pizza Hut and Dominoes. My family never told me which pizza we ended up ordering. So, twenty minutes later my dad handed me twenty dollars and told me to go pay the delivery man at the door. And I asked the man in head-to-toe Dominoes clothing, “Are you from Pizza Hut?” Because I. Am. An. Idiot.

  2. I don’t eat my pizza with cheese. It’s not by choice. I cannot swallow melted cheese and I’ve gotten so many weird looks that I now tell people I am lactose intolerant. Even though I drink milk like it’s water.

  3. I once crushed a glass with the lid of a pizza box. It was really, really embarrassing.

And that’s my whole history with pizza. And, of course, the reason I refuse to eat pizza on a date. Can you imagine the look on the guy’s face?

Have a great Saturday guys and eat some pizza! And while you’re eating your pizza, go and ‘like’ my Facebook page!

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