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Stumble Saturday: The Solar System

This week’s SS comes from this website.

I thought this picture was a clever take on the solar system. With the yolk of the egg being the sun and all. Very, very cute.

I’ve always found the solar system to be fascinating. Every since I was in 4th grade and my teacher told us all to do reports on a planet. I chose Jupiter, because it was the biggest, and found out a bunch of really interesting things that I have since forgotten.

The most memorable fact about our planet project was something my friend Heather found out about Mars. She pulled me over one day in class and in a whispered tone said, “Did you know that people could live on Mars if they wanted to. They just need a spaceship.” And from that day forward, the two of us planned on living on Mars. And building a spaceship.

The idea that there are billions of stars and a few planets and a couple of galaxies surrounding us is absolutely incredible. Space is so vast and unknown and like it’s very own secret. I can understand why someone would want to be an astrologist.

And that’s this week’s Stumble Saturday! Join me next week for more!

15 days until Christmas!

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