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Stumble Saturday: YouTube

Today’s Stumble Saturday comes from Tumblr. Unfortunately, I cannot be more specific as I accidentally closed out of the tab before writing down the URL (shame on me.)

YouTube is probably something you’ve come across on your own.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is an active community of people who post videos onto the web via this site. These videos include vlogs (video blogs), skits, music videos, films, television shows, etc.

How do you use YouTube? I like YouTube for everything. Whether it be an instructional video (I learned how to make bacon from YouTube) or a popular YouTubers latest vlog or skit, I tend to watch a bit of YouTube. Currently I’m between watching A Very Potter Musical (which everyone should watch because it is so entertaining) and David Tennant in Hamlet (it’s surprising better when you are crazy about the lad playing Hamlet).

Do you have any favorite YouTubers?

I have quite a few favorite YouTubers. From America, I really like LiveLavaLive, Charlie Puth, and ilovemarcandnathan. From England, I absolutely adore Charlie McDonnell and Alex Day. I love British people and these two just take the cake. And from Scotland, one of my favorite YouTubers who I recently discovered, Liam Dryden is a wonderful piece of Edinbrugh. Check out these hilarious, talented people and tell them Morgan sent you over!

YouTube is a great place with a great community. I know lots of people who have made friends through YouTube and although I will probably never become a video blogger (I’m a bit socially awkward in front of a camera), I really do admire those who put themselves out for the world.

Thank you so much for reading Stumble Saturday. Join me next Saturday for more crazy, stumbling fun!


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