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Subscriptions That Are Worth It

If there is a subscription service to be had, then I must have it. After years of playing around with different subscriptions {from streaming to banking to beauty} I have found the ones that are not a waste of that $5-20 every month.

subscriptions that are worth it

If you aren’t in the know, subscription services are regularly billed – usually monthly – that are meant to make life easier. From delivering fresh veggies to your door to just about anything else on the planet, if you need something done there’s a subscription service for that.

After years of trying out different services – mostly because who doesn’t love a good free trial? – I figured today I’d share the subscription services that I have found most worthy of my hard earned cash.

The Best Product Subscriptions


$7.99 monthly/$11.99 monthly for commercial-free

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While we’re mostly familiar with Netflix & Chill, I’m definitely more of a fan of Hulu. I think the show and movie collection is a bit wider {and includes more seasons} along with lasting longer than they do on Netflix. Hulu is by far worth the money, despite the slightly heftier price tag, but the commercial-free subscription is really been a game changer for me.



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Digit has made me more financially stable than I ever could have imagined. Squirreling away that money that just sits there on a month-to-month basis, I can go months spending the money I see in my account, only to check my Digit account and see I’ve saved $100+ without every noticing. The price is small, and there’s a 100 day free trial, but it really has made me save hundreds of dollars.


Prices vary per plan

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While there are lots of door-delivered food boxes, Plated has been my favourite. The dishes are really easy to make – and always delicious – and I find the instruction and tools needed are less than others. Not to mention they are always offering great deals for a first box!



A new subscription to my repertoire, this one has me most excited! Imagine: A world where you can see a movie a day for $10 a month. Well, it’s real! For a small price, you can see a movie every single day of the month in theaters. And as a movie buff myself who can’t stomach spending $10/movie every weekend, this is by far the perfect solution!



Image result for birchbox

I’ve tried several beauty box subscriptions, but Birchbox is really the only one worth my time. With the best brands, and a team that truly work to fit the person, I have never been disappointed with my box. Plus the boxes are so beautiful I decorated my apartment with them!


Am I missing your favourite subscription service? Leave the name in the comments and I’ll try it out!

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