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Summer Dresses Under $50

Now that June is in full force, the sun is shining and my activities calendar is lining up. Afternoons in the park and weekends at the waterfront as far as the eye can see. And what do I plan on wearing? Dresses.

summer dresses under $50

Dresses are the perfect outfit for summer, as they are breezy and bright – what else could you need? But with a full social calendar, there are only so many occasions before people realize you’re wearing the same dress. That’s why it’s time to stock up on perfect summer dresses that you can rotate through all summer long!

The perfect summer dress has two requirements. 1) Breezy 2) Beautiful. Summer gets hot and sticky, so a dress that doesn’t cling to your skin is a must, and if it looks gorgeous it’s just a plus! I’m particularly fond of summer dresses that have a more full skirt, as being able to twirl is a must. What’s the fun of looking great if you can’t show off your dance moves? And that’s why a full skirt and fun pattern are a must in my dress collection.

And we all know nothing photographs better than a cute little dress.

To ease up the effort of putting together your summer wardrobe, I have compiled a collection of summer dresses that won’t break the bank, so you’ll be able to switch it up no matter what event comes your way. Brunch downtown? Antique shopping? Sitting next to a fan because it’s over 90? It’s time to get shopping!

Your Affordable Summer Dress Collection

As Compiled by The Enthusiast

If any of your dresses make their way into your wardrobe, let me know so we can compare our closets! Want more recommendations for your wardrobe? Leave a comment, or shoot me an email at

Stay classy, Internet,


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