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Talk About It Tuesdays 2: Donations, Awareness & Action

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 9: Talk About It Tuesdays

Talk About It Tuesdays

As you know, the AlS Ice Bucket Challenge is a huge deal right now, even as we get to the tail end of it. The point of the challenge was to dump ice water on your head and donate to the charity, nominating several other friends to do the same in 24 hours. The point of these challenges is to raise awareness for the charity so that they can receive donations. It is not about looking fearless covered in ice water.

You can watch my ice bucket challenge here (I ended up doing it twice). Yes, I do talk with my hands a lot.

I did the ice bucket challenge, because I was tagged, but before I was challenged to dump cold water on my head (twice) I had already resolved to donating to ALS research. I didn’t need someone tagging me to make me do the right thing. And all the people who only did the challenge without a thought towards donating, it irritated me. That isn’t the point of doing the challenge. The point was donating.

Donating is important to me. Promoting the selflessness of people going towards the greater good is incredibly important to me. One thing about the ice bucket challenge is that it wastes a lot of water, especially for people who just do it to show how fearless they are. That’s why donating to organizations like DROP4DROP, who raise money to make wells for impoverished countries, is so amazing. Giving water to those who don’t have something most of us take for granted is such a good feeling.

Last month was World Water Month, and UNICEF (which you know is one of my favourite organizations) did their Tap Project. I heard of the Tap Project through a friend and I was instantly interested. What do you do? Put down your phone and for every minute you go without touching it you raise money for kids to have water. That’s right, you actually don’t spend any money! Whenever I was watching a movie, or in serious writing mode, or even just chatting with a friend, I would start doing the Tap Project. In total I think I went about 12 hours. To know that by me not using my phone (and if you know me, I try to not be a total phone obsessive) was giving kids water filled my heart with unicorns and puppies.

I hope this post has made you think a bit more about donations. The ice bucket challenge was to raise awareness for a serious disease, in turn prompting you to donate, which means you bring action to a real problem. It’s more than just dumping water on your head. It’s what you do afterwards.


Thank you all for reading something that is really important to me. Please visit these organizations and inform yourself on where your money goes. Last year I did a big campaign for Red Nose Day (here is a video of what my friends and I put together) and it was one of the most life fulfilling things I’ve ever done. Doing something for those less fortunate is amazing.

Also, if you’re looking for companies that donate to the less fortunate when you buy stuff, check out TOMS shoes and Warby Parker glasses (highly recommend WP because I bought my glasses there and they’re awesome). Both companies donate a pair for every pair you buy.

This has been Talk About It Tuesday, where we discuss real topics. Check back tomorrow for Welcome Wednesday for a guest post from another blogger!

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