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Talk About It Tuesdays 3: Packing

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 16: Talk About It Tuesday

Talk About It Tuesdays

G’day Enthusiasts! How are we feeling today? Are we feeling as lazy as I am? I swear that all of my motivation has drained out of me as I realize how much has to be done to move into my apartment next week. It’s insane to think that I’ll be back in Eugene next week, and starting school the next. Where did the summer go?!

And since we’re on the topic of moving, I guess this is as good a segue as I am going to get towards discussing packing. Whether it be packing my suitcase for a weekend trip or packing up boxes and boxes to move to another place, packing is something we’ve all had to do multiple times. And despite the fact that I’ve made tens – if not hundreds – of packing lists for various reasons, I still don’t enjoy packing.

Take my trip last week to LA. I made packing lists and knew exactly what I was bringing, but I couldn’t bring myself to actually stuff my suitcase until late the night before we left. Packing sounds like an easy thing to do, but it’s a bit terrible. Having to make sure everything fits, that you have everything, and, most importantly, if you’ll be able to lift it. Because stuffing a lot of stuff in a suitcase is easy. Lugging that suitcase around is a different story.

I’m going to be honest, I haven’t even started packing for moving out next week. All summer I’ve prepared for this move and have counted down the days. I have a mental list of everything I want to bring and where I’m going to put it in my new room, but absolutely none of it packed. There’s a corner (or two) in my bedroom of things that must be packed. But no motivation to get the ball rolling.

Packing up your life, whether it be a few days or for a few years, is difficult. You have to make executive decisions and sometimes making those kind of decisions make the whole thing seem really serious. And we all know how much we avoid serious things. Packing shouldn’t be ominous, but, boy, does it seem like it is.

Anyway, it wrap this up, don’t let packing psych you out. I may have procrastinated a bit too long, but I know once I get started I’ll be on a roll. I mean, packing up my mugs is pretty fun there are so many of them. Wish me luck as I try to sort out my life to move into this apartment!


And this was Talk About It Tuesday! I hope it made you think a little.

As always, thank you so much for reading and being part of the readership for this blog. I am so appreciative of you.

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Check back tomorrow for Welcome Wednesday, where I’ll be welcoming a guest post from someone very special to me!

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