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Talk About It Tuesdays 4: The Latest Thing

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 23: Talk About It Tuesday

Talk About It Tuesdays

G’day Enthusiasts! It’s Tuesday, which means it’s the day I move into my new apartment! But before I go into all of that, it’s time to talk about stuff on Talk About It Tuesday!

This week I want to talk about something that’s been the talk around the world: the iPhone 6.

Everyone is focused on Apple’s latest creation. Phone stores are overcrowded as everyone tries to purchase the next big thing. Our culture is focused on getting the newest, coolest thing and we must have it right when it is released. And that’s insane.

I’ve never been someone who is obsessed with having the “coolest” things. Yes, I like to keep up with technology and all of that, but I definitely was not rushing to get an iPhone 6. Why? Because I do not like phones the size of my body.

We all feel differently about technology and the advances that seem to happen almost daily. People like my mom feel no need to keep updated with technology as long as they can do what they need to do. People like me like to stay updated, but it’s not a priority to have the latest thing. People like my brother like to have the newest technology as soon as it comes out. We all approach technology and it’s advancement differently.

Why is our culture obsessed with new technology? To think that years and years ago we had none of these things. There were no new iPhones coming out every year, people weren’t finding tablets on every corner, and the Internet wasn’t even a thing! How did we go from needing the essentials to obsessing over whether our phone is cool enough to fit in with our peers? It’s insane to think that that is what our culture has come to.

Who knows where we will be in ten years from now? How many phones will be around the world? How far into the iPhone culture will we be? What are your thoughts?


How do you feel about the technology culture? Are you technology obsessed, a keep-upper, or a stone ager? Comment below and say why you feel that way. I’m very curious to see what all of you think.

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Thank you for reading this week’s Talk About It Tuesday. Check back tomorrow for Welcome Wednesday, which means a guest post!

Stay classy, Internet,










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