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Talk About It Tuesdays 5: Month Long Blogging

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 30: Talk About It Tuesday

Talk About It Tuesdays

Well guys, today is the last day of Everyday Enthusiasm. This means that I successfully blogged every single day of September. Despite the concerts, the moving, the complete laziness that is me on summer vacation, I managed to create new content every day. And that’s amazing.

It’s TAIT Tuesday and I really just want to talk about the process of blogging for a whole month. Because a lot of you have never blogged and probably don’t know the whole deal behind creating new content every day. It’s not some willy nilly process that it looks like (because I’m aware that my style is nonexistent, but there is effort that goes in.)

Everyday Enthusiasm Header

The biggest issue that faced me this month was creating unique, interesting content for 30 days. Because it’s easy to just write a plain, basic blog post that can fill up space on a blog. But to create 30 pieces of writing that educate, inform, teach, and interest hundreds of readers, that’s a whole different ball park. I don’t write this blog to have a large number of posts or to gain followers or whatever. I want to create posts that will interest you and want you to continue to read the blog. Sure, some posts are not going to gain your attention, but I really do try.

The second issue was timing. In September I 1) traveled to California for a super awesome trip 2) was swamped with packing up my life 3) moved to a completely different city in a fancy new apartment complex. So yeah, there wasn’t a lot of time going on. My solution was to write in advance. So for the three days I was gone to California, I spent the week previously writing 2-3 blog posts a day to make sure I was caught up. And I almost didn’t blog on the 11th because I didn’t get home until 11:53, and I just made deadline at 11:59 in the hotel room. It was a stressful time.

The third issue was just staying on top of it. Making sure to post every day and to keep up with what everyone is commenting can be a bit of a hassle when you’re also trying to enjoy your life. And that was why it wasn’t the most ideal situation.

And that’s why I have mixed feelings on doing Everyday Enthusiasm. I’m happy that I did it for the experience (how cool is it to say you blogged every day for 30 days?) but I don’t think I’ll ever do it again.


And that’s my take on blogging every day.  Thank you to anyone who read every day and enjoyed what I had to give you. I appreciate you being the most amazing readers on this planet and continuing to follow on my crazy journey. Y’all mean the world to me.

This is the last time I’ll be blogging this week (I think we can all agree that I need a little break, especially since school has started) but we will reconvene on Sunday for a blog post!

Stay classy, Internet,










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