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Tea Time: My Favourite Teas

Tea is the ultimate drink. There, I’ve said it.


I discovered the delightful beverage in high school and found it a much more pleasant alternative to bitter coffee. Ever since, if I’m meeting with a friend, popping into the office, or sitting at home, I almost always have a cup in front of me.

When friends come to visit they know I’ll have a mug ready for them. And over the years there are certain teas I always have in my apartment. A cup a day keeps the yawns away. As I write this, I’m having a chai latte.

Here are the teas I always have in my house.

Teavana Matcha Japanese Green Tea

Green tea is delicious no matter where you’re getting it from, but I love Teavana’s matcha powder because it’s easy to whisk into hot or cold water for a quick cuppa. Green tea is a staple of my diet because of all of the health benefits. Seriously, some people say it could help prevent cancer.

Bigelow Green Tea with Pomegranate

This tea is addictive. The pomegranate naturally sweetens and it’s perfect hot or cold. I’ve gotten so many people addicted to this tea that I’m running out. I love a cup in the morning as I’m heading out, or when I first come home.

Oregon Chai Original Chai Mix

Chai lattes are my favourite. That’s why I love how easy this mix makes having a latte in the morning. Simply scoop a little in some milk or water and suddenly you have a delightful drink! If I’m out, I’ll usually mix Bigelow Vanilla Chai with rice milk and that’s a decent substitute. An iced chai latte is the first thing I order at any cafe, and it’s a necessity in my life.

Tazo Earl Grey

Earl grey with a splash of vanilla {otherwise known as a London Fog} is the best drink ever invented. I cannot get enough. This tea has lovely hints of lavender and vanilla already, making it perfect by itself too. It’s a great breakfast tea, and is almost always out at my office.

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