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Teenage Enthusiasm: The Best of 2011

As 2011 closes all around us and we approach Teenage Enthusiasm’s one year anniversary, I would like to take a look back at all the amazing things we have accomplished this year.

So much has happened in 12 months. We’ve started, we’ve become Freshly Pressed, and we’ve gotten this far with over 8,000 views. And that’s why we need a little bit of our ‘Best of’ to see just how great we are. Because it’s the end of 2011 and we need to celebrate!

Top Post of the Year: Willy Loman Inspired This

First Real Post of the Year: Adventures in Blogging

Top 3 Posts:

  1. 15 Steps to Get Out of Your Writing Rut

  2. I Asked, You Answered

  3. You Wish These Were Your Momma’s Cupcakes

Freshly Pressed (March 31st): Willy Loman Inspired This

Top 3 Stumble Saturdays:

  1. NYC

  2. Missing You

  3. Reality Shows Kill Books

Favorite Film Post: The Boat That Rocked

Top Posts (according to me):

  1. How Do the Ideals of Beauty and Aesthetics Influence Daily Life?

  2. How to Get a Boy to Like You (Without Him Noticing)

  3. 16 vs. 6

Top Book Post: The Perks of Reading this Book

Best Blogging/Writing Posts:

  1. How to Get More Traffic and Not Seem Needy!

  2. Stop the Stats, Begin to Blog

  3. 15 Steps to Get Out of Your Writing Rut

Thank you for such a great year! What’s your favorite Teenage Enthusiasm post?

Love you all,

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