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Teenage Love & it’s Downside

I’m going to be honest. I’ve never been in love. And since I’m only 17, I’m totally fine with that.

Around the age of thirteen we start to want to prove ourselves as grown ups. We want to shave, use potty words, wear bras, and have that thing called ‘love’. It’s basically programmed into our DNA. Being able to live like the adults in our lives, who seem to have it all, is everything we dream about as teens and we will try anything to be these glamorous adults. Unfortunately, we focus so much on this that we forget to enjoy our childhood.

As a teenager I see ‘love’ almost every day. It’s usually when I’m at my locker and this one couple is exchanging saliva right in front of the lock. Then I see it later when I’m walking down the stairs and the couple in front of me is holding hands and walking like they’ve never heard of moving their feet. I see it after class when a boy is waiting by the door, excited to see his girlfriend after the agonizing 45 minutes they’ve been apart. But this isn’t the ‘love’ that I’m talking about. I’m talking about the

“I haven’t seen my boyfriend in two hours. I’m going to die if I don’t see him.”
“Yeah, we’ve been together for three days. I’m totally going to lose it to him. He’s definitely the one.”
“Sorry Sarah, but I can’t hang out with you. Yeah, I know it’s hard since your mom left, but Bruce wants to sit on his couch and play Mario.”

kind of relationships. It’s ridiculous! When I fall in love, I want it to be more than just some ridiculous dating thing. I want it to be this feeling that I’m with the right person, someone who will always be able to make me smile. Not just someone who expressed interest in me for five minutes and we last for three weeks. I don’t understand this ‘teenage love’ thing. It’s so confusing.

The worst part of all of these relationships is usually how they end. A friend of mine recently had her heart broken (send her your prayers), and it opened my eyes to how messy it all really can be. Some teen relationships end with pregnancy. Some with cheating. Some with wanting different things. Some with reasons that don’t even make sense. And these are all reasons that make me glad that I’ve never opened up to a teenage male. Don’t get me wrong, I like the boys, but I would hate to remember high school as that one time some guy I dated for three months went and slept with some trashy sophomore.

Now, please don’t think I’m dissing on love. I’m all for people dating in high school; I actually encourage it. But I think that love, that feeling of being dependent on someone, is not the way to spending high school. We’re entitled to our own opinion, but I really think that I have so many years coming ahead of me, and right now I want to focus on having fun and meeting new people, not worried that my boyfriend didn’t text me right back.

What are your thoughts on teenage love? Are you all for teenagers thinking they’ve met the love of their life at 16, or are you more for fun, non-serious dating? Please leave your response down in the comments!

Have a great Wednesday!

Stay classy internet,

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