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The 10 Best Stress Relievers


It is the single worst word in the dictionary and one that we all fear. Stress is terrible and awful and if we had the chance we would attack it with spears and leave it in a ditch. We don’t like stress.

And when stress does appear, what do we do? Usually crawl in a ball and watch Netflix until our procrastination becomes so great that we finally do our work. That’s crummy and inefficient. We need a way to deal with our stress that makes it manageable and let’s us get work done sooner. And that’s what I’m going to teach you today!

I have always been a stressful person and learning to deal with stress has been a lifetime of learning. And two decades in, I’ve learned lots of simple, easy ways that make stress go away quicker and get you to your goal sooner. It’s not even that difficult. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 10 stress relievers I use on a regular basis that truly help. And will get that report in sooner.

So, who wants to learn how to manage their stress?

Morgan’s Guide to Managing Your Stress in the Least Stressful Ways

1. Work out

Elle Woods said it best. “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” And it’s true. Working out makes you happy and reduces your stress level, meaning that by the end of your gym time you will feel more equipped to handle your projects and your stress will be all but defeated.

2. Make lists

Part of what stresses us out is feeling overwhelmed with things to do. Making a list of what you need to accomplish will make you feel less overwhelmed and organize you for when you start being productive.

3. Paint your nails (or someone else’s)

Painting my nails has become my new favourite stress reliever. There is something about sitting back, watching TV, and spending an hour painting my nails that is relaxing. And you can’t do anything while your nails dry, so you’re forced to relax.

4. Cook/bake

We all know cooking/baking is a great stress reliever because mixing, pounding, and shaking is very therapeutic. When I feel stressed I make something delicious and when I finish my work I have a treat to look forward to!

5. Dance party

Get out all that frustration by busting out your moves to something angsty and catchy, like Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love.”

6. Watch a movie

Take an hour or so out of your day and watch a movie to unwind. This is better than watching a TV show because you can’t press ‘Next Episode’ when it’s finished, forcing you to get up and do work.

7. Call a friend

Sometimes the best stress relief comes from just talking about it. Call a friend or a loved one and talk to them about what is going on. You’ll feel the stress melt away.

8. Take a bath

Get a lovely bath bomb or some yummy smelling bath salts and enjoy a relaxing bath. Light some candles, grab a book, go with the whole shabang and feel the stress leave your body while you relax in the hot water.

9. Lose yourself in Target

Sometimes taking a break and changing your environment is what helps. I love to go to Target and just look at everything until my stress level cools out. Smell some of the soaps or play with the video game models.

10. Listen to a podcast

There are plenty of great relaxation podcasts out there, such as the MARC one. Try this out if you’re needing a quick, easy solution in little to no time.


How do you relieve stress?

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