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The 10 (Friendship) Commandments

“It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.” – Marlene Dietrich

There’s one thing about me that I would like to get straight: things come out of my mouth that I wish didn’t. An example? I was sitting in French class on Thursday, after discussing my entire blogging career with my teacher, and we suddenly got on the topic of studying abroad. A girl in my class asked if when my teacher had studied in France had she met any men. My teacher said no and, no joke, I said, “That’s crazy! When I go to London to study abroad there’s going to be a lot of British baby making!” And of course, as I say this, I realize that everyone has heard me and the entire class is laughing. Thank goodness everyone knew I was joking.

I can’t believe I just told you that. I say the weirdest things.

Anyway, on to the relevant part of this post. As I said, on Thursday my French class found out about Teenage Enthusiasm. This week in class we were discussing reciprocal pronouns, which are how you and another person treat each other. One of the terms we learned was s’entendre, which means to get along with each other. At this point, one of the girls in my class turns to me and says, “For your blog you should write the ten friendship commandments.” to which I replied, “Thou shalt not give good advice while one is not paying attention.” So, with a big thanks to Shiloh, here are the ten friendship commandments!

The 10 Commandments to a Close Friendship

1. Thou shalt not hide vital information (boyfriends, test scores, body piercings, tattoos, university acceptances, pregnancies).
2. Thou shall deliver chicken soup if a friend is sick. If chicken soup is not available, becoming sick with the friend is the only other option.

3. Thou shalt not tell a friend she looks ugly in those pants. Thou shall instead recommend to try on another pair.
4. Thou shall always support your friend, even if the decision is not what they would do in their own life.
5. Thou shalt not laugh when a friend wears too much green eye shadow, but rather offer a tissue for quick removal.
6. Thou shall always have a nickname for friend. This nickname must be approved by said friend.
7. Thou shalt not ignore a friend for a  boy. The punishment for said discretion is the cold shoulder.
8. Thou shall always be their craziest self when with a friend.
9. Thou shalt not spend Friday night alone if your friend is also alone. Be alone together.
10. Thou shall write on the friend’s Facebook Wall an annoying amount of times. Thou might not have anything to say, but it’s the thought that counts.

And those are the ten friendship commandments! Oh, I have too much fun writing for you guys! But really, the one commandment that really counts is to give your friend your full respect. And to my best friend, thanks for putting up with silly ol’ me!

What are some of your friendship commandments? Thank you again to Shiloh for providing me with such a hilarious (yet completely serious) post!

Have a super weekend guys!

P.S. Someone I know is going to read this and think, “Morgan would totally say that about British baby making.” If you thought that when you read this, say so below!

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