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The 10 Pairs of Shoes That Every Girl Needs to Have

No outfit is complete without a smile…or shoes.

The older I get the more I realize the need to have staples in my wardrobe. It’s not about following the trends, but using the universally flattering clothing that generations upon generations of women have discovered and making them into amazing outfits. And the same goes for your feet.

I have lots of shoes in my closet, but there are about 10 pairs that I wear over and over again until they need to be replaced. These 10 are going to last the span of time because they go with the change of trends and the everchanging demands of fashion. Whether it’s dressing up for a gala or dressing down for a barbecue, if you’re getting dressed for something your go-to shoe is on this list. Next time you go shopping make sure you have each of these 10 so you’re never standing in front of the mirror with two shoes saying, “But, neither one works.”

Let’s get shoe shopping!

The Only 10 Shoes You Will Ever Need

1. Nude pumps

In My Mind's Eye:

My Steve Madden nude pumps have lasted me through senior prom, networking dinners, a friend’s wedding, several dates, and other wear and tear from the last four years. Once you own a pair of nude heels you can’t go back, because suddenly everything you own goes with them. From a sparkly prom dress to a simple shift dress to a tshirt and jeans, honestly, invest your money in a great pair and you won’t be sorry.

2. Loafers

leopard loafers:

People assume loafers are for the working world, but who says you can’t wear them with jeans and a sweater while running errands? I love loafers because you can be as creative as you want with them, whether you’re going for a classic black pair or something more fun, like leopard! Definitely shop around before buying some, because the variation of style and colours is growing by the minute and you’ll want the perfect pair!

3. Converse

chuck taylors + ripped jeans:

Despite the stereotype of them being for 13-year-old boys, Converse are a shoe for all ages and definitely a staple in my wardrobe. Whether I’m pairing them with shorts and a tshirt for summer, or leggings and a hoodie for class, or cropped jeans and a button down for lunch with friends, my Converse get a lot of wear. They add an air of casual to whatever I’m wearing, which is great on the weekend. And if you’re not a fan of Converse, try another canvas shoe like the classic Vans. A canvas sneaker is necessary for style.

4. Riding boots

Rustic boots.:

Riding boots are God’s chic gift for lazy women. Riding boots instantly make an outfit, and yet they’re so comfortable that I’m basically putting in no effort. Riding boots are a great staple to any wardrobe, and mostly because they are very versatile with any style. Pair them with a dress and scarf. Pair them with jeans and a sweater. Pair them with leggings and a chambray shirt. No matter what your style is, riding boots will fit right in and make every outfit that little extra great.

5. Leather sandals

Gladiator Sandals:

Leather sandals are my weakness. I own two pairs right now and I have to stop myself from wearing them every morning in the summer because they go with everything. In the past two weeks I have worn them with cuffed jeans and a loose tanktop, a casual dress and chambray shirt, maroon shorts and a black sweater, a fancy chiffon dress and jean jacket, and just about every other ensemble I wear regularly.

6. Party shoes

Those heels!:

These are different for every girl (high heels? brightly coloured? pointed toe?) but are a must have. Every girl needs a pair of shoes that she can pair with a LBD and head out the door. It makes dressing for parties much simpler, plus you can actually have your look ready when you come off of a nine-hour workday. Mine are a pair of cherry red ankle strap flats that literally brighten up the room when I walk in.

7. Ankle/combat boots

Bhava #vegan booties in Latte:

Ankle/combat boots (depending on which you prefer) are a great alternative for wearing boots and not wanting leather scraping your legs all day like riding boots. Whether it’s a classic Chelsea boot paired with jeans and your peacoat, or some leather Doc Martens paired with your leather jacket and hoodie, you can incorporate these boots into just about any outfit that needs something more than a flat, but less than a riding boot.

8. Neutral flats


Black, grey, brown, beige, nude, you choose. But having a pair you can just slip on by the door is essential! A black pointed pair for work, a nude pair with jeans for going to the park with the kids, a brown suede pair with a skirt for brunch with the girls…are the possibilities not swimming in your head too? Buy some flats in a neutral colour (or buy several in different colours) and find that going out the door is much easier without shoes to worry about.

9. “Grocery shopping” shoes


I call these “grocery shopping” shoes because they’re the shoes you throw on for the quick stuff on weekend mornings. Pair them with leggings for grocery shopping, jeans for the bank, or get fancy with a dress while visiting your hair stylist for that new ‘do. I use my Birks for this because not only are they the most comfortable, but dressed correctly they look very chic.

10. Moccasins

Snowy days call for cozy slippers. : @brittneygarber #myminnetonka #regram #slippers:

Nothing feels better than wearing some comfy shoes. And with the lining moccasins are definitely perfect for cuddling by the fire or heading out for a quick errand. I love my moccasins because they are so versatile, paired with jeans or leggings and just about any sort of top. They keep my feet nice and toasty!


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