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The 17-Hour Migraine From Hell (A Q&A)

Hallelujah, it’s almost summer! But before I get to go home and lounge on my sofa and watch award shows with my friends for three months, I must finish exams, which means lots and lots of studying! And while next week I will have a post for you all filled with more of my wit and charm, this week I have gone through your questions and answered them to the best of my ability. And because you all like knowing the weirdest things about me. So, let’s learn about the weird life of Morgan, shall we?

What is your favorite comfort food?

My favourite comfort food would have to be chicken and waffles. It’s a basic staple in my diet now. I love Southern food (courtesy of my best friend’s family) and it’s just necessary to eat it whenever I can because it makes me happy.

Current life goal?

To make Calum Hood my best friend because we’d be great besties and take pictures with adorable dogs!

What are you doing right now?

Writing this blog post, eating a chocolate muffin, and discussing the little band of incredibly fit boys who run around campus shirtless all the time.

Last text message you sent?

“i’m such a loser. hanna’s home so i went to the mural room because it’s silent and pitch black. so now i’m a loser in a pitch black room”

Best writing tip you’ve received?

Keep writing. No matter what, write and write and write. It’s the only way to actual hone your skill.

Weirdest thing that happened to you recently?

I have an ongoing joke that I am going to start a reality show called “The Strange Life of Morgan” because the weirdest things happen to me on a regular basis. I must say the most recent thing would have to be I met a guy who’s little sister is so into Harry Styles that he inadvertently picked up a scary amount of facts about the pop singer. And then he tried to convince me how much cuter he was than Harry.

You had a 17 hour migraine?

Oh, it turned into a two day migraine actually. But yes, I had a migraine that the first day lasted me 17 hours and  I’m pretty sure this is worse than the Black Plague. And today it came right in the middle of a presentation. I’d like to proclaim myself not ready to enter Finals Week. So yes, it was truly a migraine from Hell and I would like it to go away.

How excited are you for finals?


Song of the moment?

“Classic” by MKTO

As you finish with college, any closing remarks?

Don’t let it get to you. You’re going to be stressed and angry and feel overwhelmed, but don’t let it define who you are. Know that those feelings are just a stage and try to enjoy your time here despite the work.

Stay classy, Internet,










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