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The 3 Hair Products I Can’t Live Without

Ever since getting my hair cut a few weeks ago, hair products have been my bread and butter. From pomades to sprays, I have found the three products I need to have in my cabinet.

Since chopping off my long locks (a la Savannah Parks at Tiger Tiger Salon) I’ve been adjusting to my lob. From stick straight to slight waves to the full-on curly q, I have tried every product and tool trick in the book. And as I settle into my new go-to of a soft wave with texture, I think it’s time to share the products I will always be stocking in my arsenal.

Hair Products Worth the Trip to the Store

Image result for hot tools 1" curling iron

1″ Curling Iron From the 1″ to the 1.5″ to the two different 1.25″ curling irons in my kit, I always go back to the classic. I can create everything from the tightest curls to soft waves and that sort of flexibility makes it the perfect tool. I love this iron from Hot Tools, it’s gotten me through every single soft wave I’ve created these past few weeks.

Image result for kristin ess pomade

Kristin Ess Depth Defining Water Pomade While I love a good texture spray, this pomade does everything to define and texturize my waves. It’s extremely easy to apply and works great to smooth flyaways as we hit prime humidity here in Portland. A little bit creates a ton of texture, what else could we ask for in a product? Thank you Kristin Ess for continuing to deliver.

Image result for bumble & bumble volumizing mousse

Volumizing Mousse If I had to give it all up tomorrow and have one product, it would be volumizing mousse. The perfect way to give my hair that fullness it desires, especially on mornings where I have no time, I am forever stocking up on this Tresemme mousse and this slightly pricier bumble & bumble one.

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