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The 5 Purchases That Fixed My Bad Hair Days

Does anyone else feel like their day is controlled by how they feel about their hair? When it's shiny and soft you can accomplish anything, but when it's greasy and limp...should have stayed in bed. Having a good hair day can be a game changer, but what happens when nothing you're doing fixes your bad hair day?

In December I hit a straight month of greasy, limp hair no matter how much I washed it or what product was used. Finally, after many hits and misses, I finally found the combination that completely changed my hair. If you struggle with your hair getting greasy the same day you washed it - while still feeling dry - you may want to stick around.

The Holy Grail Hair Hacks

Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo

The awards this dry shampoo has won speaks more than anything I could say. It's worth every penny, especially when you find it on sale. It soaks up the bad without a ton of residue and feels luxurious. I was a $5 Batiste girl, but this hits different. Forever a staple of my hair routine, I spray a little on my roots from Day 3 on (Day 2 if I have a sweaty workout).

Water Filter for Shower [I bought this one]

I have lived in my apartment since 2017, so who would have thought the water would suddenly change? After a month of bad hair days a friend recommended buying a water filter for my shower and I was desperate enough to buy anything. And the filter completely changed the game! No more was my hair greasy after a few hours, and my hair wasn't nearly as dry. Installation took less time than baking cupcakes. If your hair could see better days, you might want to consider a water filter for your shower.

Living Proof PhD Night Cap Overnight Perfector

After discovering my shower filter, there was still a way to go. It didn't matter if I showered day or night, my hair was still weirdly dry all day. Which is no better than greasy! In a fit of frustration, I tried out one of the many samples that litter my bathroom, the Living Proof PhD Night Cap. If I didn't like it, I would just wash it out. But lo and behold, it's a miracle worker. Overnight it transformed my dry ends, greasy roots hair into a soft, manageable piece of art. And it lasted for a week! I immediately bought the full-size and now use it once every week or so to keep my entire strand length healthy.

Matrix Total Results High Amplify Shampoo

Disclaimer: I think expensive shampoo is a scam. If shampoo costs more than $10 I'm immediately out. And then I met this shampoo. My shower filter and Night Cap were doing great, but by Day 2 hair it was getting shabby. And I used to go a week without washing. So what happened? I needed to spend money at Ulta to keep my Platinum status, so I bought $25 shampoo because an article said that volumizing shampoo could help greasy roots. And it was right! I now can go 4-5 days between shampoos and am now an expensive shampoo supporter.

Kristin Ess Style Reviving Dry Conditioner

If you thought the shower filter seemed like a weird purchase, I thought dry conditioner was a total joke. But it was on sale at Target and I'm a sucker for Kristin Ess. And it happened to be the secret to maintaining healthy roots through Day 4 hair. I spray this on before dry shampoo (it also helps absorb oil) to keep everything hydrated, then follow up with any dry shampoo as needed. My hair no longer looks dry (like when I only use dry shampoo) and can be used by itself on Day 2 for lower maintenance hair care - our favourite kind.

What are your hair holy grails?

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