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The 7 Best Pieces of Advice I've Ever Received

Whenever I read interviews with influential people they are always asked what the best piece of advice they’ve ever received was. It normally has to do with relationships or money or something else that could have come from anyone. But isn’t that almost all advice?

I was sitting in my chair staring out the window Saturday night, exhausted from working on finals, and thinking about the future. In only a few months I’ll be out on my own. Lately my thoughts have revolved around a career, buying my first car, where I want to live, etc. And it’s made me think about the influential pieces of advice I have received in my life that guide these decisions.

In 20 years I have been blessed to have people with amazing advice and life experience that has helped me with decisions. So it’s only fair that I share these pieces of enlightenment that have impacted me so far.

7 Life Lessons I Have Lived By

1. Everyone is too busy with themselves to think about you

You were born to be real, not to be perfect | 22 Quotes About Self-Confidence That Will Brighten Up Your Life:

With starting new schools and having a naturally shy personality, my mother will tell you how often I worried about people judging me. But if there’s one thing she taught me it was that no one is looking as closely at you as you are. We are naturally self-absorbed, so focusing on others is really an after thought. This advice has helped me come out of my shell, take risks with my appearance, and actually has led to many new friendships by stopping worrying what others are thinking about me. Throw caution to the wind and do what you want. Who cares what others are thinking?

2. Smile at least once a day

A Smile Is The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear  4x6 Faux by cjprints:

I don’t know where I picked this up, but it’s changed me ever since. I have a tendency to get caught up in my head and forget to enjoy things (i.e. almost every time I travel) which is why I try to inject this saying into my life. By taking a minute to sit back, think of something positive, and just smile or laugh with happiness, it truly changes how my day goes about. If my life were The Truman Show people would see me randomly smile or laugh with no reason. But it honestly makes me a happier person.

3. You can do anything, but not everything

You can do anything, but not everything. Wise words to remember #thedailyshine #quote:

This was my screensaver for a bit, and I highly recommend you try it for a bit. As humans we have a tendency of overbooking ourselves, or convincing ourselves we aren’t doing enough. We want to do everything, but it’s not possible. But we can do anything we want, so by choosing to do the things we enjoy the most, or we know will have the maximum benefits, we can achieve our goals, even if they aren’t ‘everything’. This can especially be applied to college.

4. Love yourself

The bottom line is:  People will come and go.  Events will come and go.  Day and night will come and go.  But a true love for yourself will always remain with you, if you nurture it. -- read::

Yeah, you probably know this one too, but this piece of advice really did change who I am as a person. We all can tolerate ourselves, but loving yourself is totally different. It wasn’t until I was in a relationship and in love with someone that I realized what this meant. I would never treat my boyfriend how I was treating myself, so why was I? I chose to love myself and treat me how I would treat someone I love, and it has made all the change in the world. Loving yourself is the best thing you can do.

5. Buy products that make you feel like a Fifth Avenue penthouse queen

travel  - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici, one Country at a Time.

I read this in a magazine years and years ago, before I was even spending my own money, and it’s something I apply in my adult life constantly. It’s not about price, it’s about quality. I purchase things that make me feel expensive and special, like a billionaire’s wife. Sometimes this does mean price (I’d rather own my cashmere J. Crew sweater that makes me feel like taking my private jet than 12 Forever 21 shirts) but sometimes it’s the difference between waiting a few months for perfect bed stand instead of the one in stock at IKEA.

6. Be impulsive occasionally

Sarah's Scribbles:

My sixth grade music teacher told my class this on our last day of school. And I always think of Ms. Z whenever I decide to take a leap of faith. While I’m naturally cautious, this advice has led to many good things in my life. Deciding to buy Ellie Goulding tickets, text that friend, try on that blouse, plan a trip to California, etc. Sometimes just being a little impulsive has led me to make some of the best decisions (and most fun times) of my life.

7. Live life like it’s a movie

“Everything I learned I learned from the movies” – Audrey Hepburn. My senior quote mostly because “Live life like it’s a movie” is my life motto. It’s a saying I’ve read in plenty of magazines and newspapers and almost any sort of literature I can get my hands on. And I do it quite well. Movies have taught me everything I need to know about life, despite the inaccuracies we all know, and I constantly use those lessons to life my life. My life is a movie and I’m the director creating a life that is everything I want and feels as glamorous as my 7-year-old self imagined watching Mary-Kate and Ashley movies.


What life advice has impacted you?

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