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The 8 Essential Vacation Essentials

On Saturday morning at 5:10, I will be on a plane to San Francisco where I shall be soaking up some quality travel time with my girl Alex and listening to the tune of Meghan Trainor at The Masonic. Yes, it shall be the perfect vacation for my weary mind.

But to go on vacation one must have all their essentials to make sure they have the best time ever! And lucky for you, I travel enough to know exactly what you’re going to need on your vacation.

Ticket for One: Everything You Need to Have a Great Vacation

1. A go-to outfit

Unless you have the best luck in the world, chances are something is going to change in your vacation itinerary. And when it changes, your outfit needs to go along with it. Always pack an outfit you can wear in any situation (dinner, dancing, getting stuck in the rain, late night rendezvous, total disaster) or two. For me, packing black jeans, a white top, and slip on shoes has been a must-have because it works for almost any situation.

2. Snacks

Granola bars are the reason I made it from Oregon to Washington D.C. without dying of starvation. Always pack some sort of snack (granola bars, dried fruit, almonds) in your bag so that you have something to munch on. It also saves you significant money considering vacation hot spots tend to charge double for snack foods.

3. Chargers

You know when you’re having a really great vacation? The food’s good, the hotel is great, and the party scene looks too good to be true. But then you go back to your hotel room on the first night and realize that your phone is dead. And your charger is 3,000 miles away sitting by your bed. Don’t let that happen to you.

4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are human’s best friend when it comes to vacation. I never leave home without a pair in my bag. Bring a pair that will keep your eyes away from the heat (especially if you’re going somewhere tropical) and that look cool. I always like to bring my more “exotic” looking glasses with me on vacation.

5. A plan

DO NOT GO TO A CITY AND NOT HAVE A PLAN OF WHERE TO GO AND LOCAL ATTRACTIONS. When you walk around with no idea, except for a select vacation spots, you waste your time, energy, and have a higher chance of being taken advantage of. Look into where you’re going before you travel, you’ll thank me.

6. Walking shoes

While I am a believer of looking cute on vacation, I also believe in not getting blisters. This means going for shoes you’ve already broken in and can walk 5-6 hours a day on. Because while I love my bright red scalloped flats, my Steve Madden combat boots might be a better choice.

7. Reading material

Want to lie by the pool? Want to take a break in your room? Want to sit at that cute Parisian cafe on the corner? These are all optimal times to pick out a book and relax on vacation. Having reading material is something I can’t stress enough (you’ll always find something in my carry-on).

Affairs cover

My suggestion for reading material? My own book, Affairs. It makes for light reading and you can put it on your electronic device! And, if you buy a copy while I’m in San Francisco (July 17-21) you can get my special vacation discount, which means you can buy it for $0.99! Yes, I am offering you a special deal to buy a vacation book while I’m on vacation! So don’t miss out and get your copy here.

8. Moisturizer

I don’t care where you’re going, buy moisturizer. On vacation your body is subjected to different climates and weather, which means your skin is going to freak out. Keeping your skin hydrated throughout your vacation will promise that it will stay in line during your vacation and after. Which, as someone who has an ongoing war with my epidermis, is so important.

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