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The Art of Being Single

Happy Inappropriate Wednesday!

If you don’t know what Inappropriate Wednesday is,here’s a quick synopsis: It all started about two weeks ago with KatySueSays and it’s moved onto a bunch of my other friends, and it is basically where we spend our Wednesday (otherwise known as Hump Day) telling each other pick up lines and graphically describing how attractive some people are and other ‘inappropriate’ jokes. It’s just a fun day.

Anyway, I thought I’d celebrate Inappropriate Wednesday with all of you with a subject that is particularly close to my heart: being single.

The other day I was sitting with my friend Tiffany talking about how we didn’t need to be in relationships. Her reason was that she was waiting until she was 18. Mine was that I’ve perfected the art of being single and don’t want to have to start again from scratch.

Being single, I feel like it has a negative connotation. Like you’re not pretty or good enough to be liked by someone else. But I don’t think that’s true. It’s easy to be single and just not want to be in a relationship. Unfortunately, it is those people who think that they’re single because they are unwanted who give us a bad name.

We all know those people who are constantly in relationships, and I believe half the reason they have this particular ‘infliction’ is that they don’t know how to be successfully single. There are a few steps of being single that make it possibly even better than being in relationship. Who knows?

Anyway, below are my steps to being single that just make it a lot of fun and make me happy to be single (plus, you can comment on attractive people, which is not recommended in a relationship).

The Art of Being Single: Be Single and Happy

LAP UP THE FRIEND TIME. There will come a time when you are married and spend all of your time with your spouse and your four children and when you get one night off when your kids are in college and your respective other is on a business trip and you won’t have anyone to call up because you’ve been busy with your family for 18 years. So, use that time now. Get together with your girl friends and do each other’s nails or have a sleepover (or both!). Gather up your guy friends and play a game of basketball or beat each other at Xbox. Use the time you have not tied down to focus on those relationships that are also important.

START AN UNHEALTHY OBSESSION WITH A CELEBRITY. I would be pretty jealous if my boyfriend started talking about what a rocking bod Jessica Alva has. Just sayin’. That’s why, when you’re single, it’s totally appropriate to spend a majority of your day talking about attractive people. I don’t think there is a day when me and Katy don’t spend all our time drooling over Logan Lerman. And that’s why being single is amazing.

WEAR WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE. I have this one friend who always talks about how her boyfriend hates it when she wears sweatshirts. Oh my God, if I dated a guy who thought that, we’d break up. I enjoy wearing whatever I feel like in the morning. And without a boyfriend, I am totally free to wear a nice dress on Monday and my yoga pants and sweatshirt on Tuesday with my hair in a bun. That’s the nice thing about being single, you don’t have to impress anyone.

CHANGE WHAT YOU LIKE. Part of being a person is experiencing new things and changing your interests and opinions. That’s what makes us interesting people. Take the time you have being single and do something new. Go see a play you wouldn’t normally see. Read a book that isn’t your cup of tea (I’ve heard 50 Shades of Grey is good. I have yet to want to read it). Change your hair up. When you’re dating someone, they might not particularly enjoy if you change drastically. Take this time to broaden yourself and find the true you before you settle down.

And those are my tips for being single and happy with life. I know that we all want love, which we should, but sometimes you need to enjoy what you already have, which is opportunities to just be your goofy, individual self.

Are you single? What are some of your tips? Are you in a relationship? How do you get in one of those? Joking.

Have a great Inappropriate Wednesday! And before I go, here’s a little photo to celebrate:

Stay classy internet!

P.S. I am being slightly facetious in this article. Please no hating in the comments. Thank you.

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