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The Art of Saving

Saving money isn’t easy. It is so simple to be sucked into the vortex of sales and marketing. But to be able to say ‘no’ to the world of spending and ‘yes’ to the world of saving, well, it’s now a reality.

I recently acquired a debit card. Being able to shop online at my own leisure and not having to keep track of all my dollar bills constantly, it’s a freedom. However, with freedom comes responsibility, and this freedom made me a little spend-crazy. But, as I am saving for a new laptop to replace the one that died and went to techie heaven last year, I really need to buckle down and stop spending and start saving. So, I compiled a list of tips to help me (and you) save like people have never saved before! (Extreme couponers excluded)

Morgan’s List of Saving Tips

  1. Set a goal. It’s hard to save when you don’t have a specific number in mind. If you are saving for a certain produce, make that price your goal. If you are just saving for a rainy day, estimate how much you might need for said rainy day.

  2. Make a list of ways to procure cash. Making a short list of ways to obtain money for the saving is great. Whether it be babysitting, extra shifts, or having a garage sale, this list will remind you that when you get paid, that cash goes directly into your savings account, and not the store register.

  3. Save the date. Working on a deadline is a great way to motivate yourself. Choose a date where you either need the money or would like to have it. Perfect way to make sure you’re saving, not spending. And if it’s helpful, you can give yourself checkpoint dates to have a certain amount of money by a certain time.

  4. Have a support system. When you have people behind you, cheering you on, it makes the process a lot easier. You feel supported, which encourages you to keep on saving! Plus, if they are really nice, they might chip in


And those are my tips for saving a buck!

Now, because I follow all the tips I give to you guys, I want to try something. I stole the idea from 2 Broke Girls and from the support system bullet. At the bottom of each post until I reach my goal, I want to post how much I’ve saved for my laptop and how much I have left to go. This will help me because I’ll be able to see how much progress I’ve made and you guys can help me when the going gets tough? Sound good? I hope so! My goal is $554.99. My date is September 17. Wish me luck!

Amount Saved: $302.69 Amount I Need to Save: $252.30

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