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The Best Friend

You know from my last post that I have moved quite a bit in my life. And because of that I’ve never really had a best friend. Until now.

I’ve always thought of best friends as something of a luxury. I never had one, but I always saw them on television shows. They were the people you told your secrets and worries to. They were the people who if someone asked you, “Who is your best friend?” you automatically said their name. They were the people that, in your weakest moment, they had your back. And that was a luxury to me.

But recently I’ve received the benefit of getting a best friend. It happened kind of strangely. I met my best friend at the end of my freshmen year of high school. I’d known her slightly (although we’d never talked) but we didn’t really start becoming acquaintances until 6th period Concert Choir.

From there on, we fit into friendship quite easily. That summer we hung out once or twice. And during the school year it became even more of a close friendship. We had two classes together in the first semester, but during second semester we had five classes together. And trust me, it’s hard being angry at your friend when you have five classes together.

We were just good friends at those points though. It would take until the end of the school year until I could firmly say she was my best friend. I could tell her my embarrassing secrets, be my absolutely goofiest, and cry without being ashamed in front of her. And she calls me her best friend. That’s a moment that I hold dear.

Best friends are something that I’ve never taken for granted. I know that a friendship status can change in the blink of an eye. If Facebook had a ‘Friendship Status’ category on a profile, your entire News Feed would be filled with the change of friendships.

I love my best friend and the time I get to spend with her. If you have a best friend, let them know how much they mean to you. If you don’t have a best friend, don’t worry. You don’t need one. And on that note, I feel like I should say that although I have a best friend, I don’t believe it should be as exclusive as that. I have a best friend, yes, but I also have tons of people who I consider as best friends, who aren’t quite as individual as a best friend, but they each have qualities I’d want in a best friend.

Thank you for reading! And if you are my best friend (you know who you are) thanks for being so great. I’d be sad without you.

Keep on reading. You are a great audience!

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