The Best Jobs Ever

So, I will eventually need to get a job to be able to survive in this world, even though finding one in this job market is a bit difficult. In my job search, I came across a few jobs that I consider the absolute best ever, for multiple reasons. Here is my list and the reasons why they are the best jobs ever. Feel free to put your thoughts below in the comments.

Comedian: Come on, what could be better than standing on a stage every night and make fun of people. Look at Kathy Griffin; she gets paid to make fun of Sarah Palin. Being a comedian sounds really fun. Money for telling about your life and making people laugh just sounds like my cup of tea.

One of my favorite comics, Bo Burnham.

Car Washer: This job would only be good in really humid, hot places like Florida. Not only would you be getting paid to cool yourself down from the heat by spraying yourself with a hose, but you could potentially meet your mate while they’re getting their wash, rinse and wax.

Reality TV Host: Being paid ridiculous amounts of dollars just to keep teenagers watching overly tan people have cat fights seems like a pretty great job. All you need is a snazzy wardrobe, a wide range of emotional faces, and a catch phrase. Yep, almost anyone could have this job.

This show needed a host anyway.

Guidance Counselor: Yep, what could be more satisfying than being paid to sit in an office all day and nod and say, “Oh, yes, that is a problem.” for 6 hours a day? I would do it. And I’d train myself to fall asleep with my eyes open so it looks like listening when really I’m catching up on my sleep. Maybe I shouldn’t be a guidance counselor.

Radio Personality: Did any of you ever watch Life Unexpected? I really liked that show. Anyway, remember how Kate and Ryan had their radio show? Well, that’s what I want to do. I want to be on the radio, talking endlessly and getting paid for it. To be paid for having a motormouth like mine would be nice. I can see it now “Early Morning with Motormouth Morgan”. It has a nice ring to it.

Ah, the future home of 'Early Morning with Motormouth Morgan'

Talk Show Host: This is literally my dream. I want to be the next Ellen Degeneres/Oprah. I want to spend my days talking to the creme de la creme and be giving away cars to the people who scream my name the loudest. Seriously, this is what I want to do forever and ever. Such a fantastic job.

Billionaire: Just by looking at the title, I’m sure you can tell why it’s such a great job.

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