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The Best Productivity Apps for Your Life

Hi y’all! How are you? You’re looking quite beautiful today. I quite like the way you’ve done your hair, you should keep it that way.

About a month ago I got a new phone (yay! it’s awful because I no longer can use my old phone cases, it’s devastating) and that means it’s time to experiment with new apps and such as I play around. And by experimenting with new apps I mean downloading every productivity app and just seeing which ones I like/look the prettiest. This being said, I’ve become a bit of an expert with productivity apps and that means that I must share my expertise with you guys. So, I’ve compiled the best productivity apps for various reasons that I think you should all consider purchasing!

Morgan’s List for Being the Most Productive App Owner Ever

For the Swiper

Clear – $4.99 iPhone

Most of the use of an iPhone is swiping from screen to screen. You swipe to get into your phone, you swipe to get to different apps, and you swipe to change your Instagram filter. And with Clear (which I’ve probably mentioned about a million times) it’s all about swiping! You can swipe your tasks left or right to complete or delete them, you can shift them around to rearrange, and it comes it lots of pretty colour themes! I’ve been using Clear for years and I’ll continue to!

For the Student

iStudiez – $2.99 iPhone

Another app I’ve been promoting forever, but it’s also been on my phone since I was 16, so you can’t judge me. iStudiez is the perfect app for organizing your school work. Put in your classes, assignments, and exams in one app and it’ll alert you for everything! I recommend this to everyone and I can honestly say I’ve never been more on top of my schoolwork. It’s really great if you’re taking multiple classes with lots of assignments as it organizes it all very nicely. Plus, it syncs with your iPhone calendar for ultimate scheduling purposes!

For the Easily Distracted

Sometimes it’s really hard to stay focused. Especially when you have three midterms the next day and the 5SOS single came out 20 minutes ago (real story based off winter term last year.) Anyway, these two apps are really fantastic on keeping you on track.

30/30 – Free iPhone

If you want an app that lets you input all your tasks, plus your breaks, in one handy little app, 30/30 is definitely the app for you. Just put in all the tasks you want, and how long you want to do them, and just run the timer. It will alert you when to move onto the next activity, and it definitely keeps you on task! Unless you’re like Morgan and put three breaks back to back so you can nap…

Pomodoro – $1.99 iPhoneFree Android

The Pomodoro timer is the latest theory on beating procrastination. Basically you set up how many 25-minute segments you want to have before a break, meaning that you accomplish something in that time to be rewarded with a break afterwards. I’ve found this really helpful for days when I just want to beat out homework, but have no motivation. While writing my big research paper, this was definitely helpful for all the little bits I had to put together. And it made my YouTube break worth it!

For the Financially Obsessed

Mint – Free iPhoneFree Android

I won’t lie to you. In the last week I’ve spent money on groceries, concert tickets, my best friend’s birthday present, and an economics book. So, as you can tell, I’m a financial mess. But luckily I have Mint to clear me up! Mint is a free financial planner that lets you plan out a budget, and since it follows your credit card, it lets you know how on or off budget you are. I think this app is just awesome because I know when I need to lay off buying cute shoes and need to be saving money.

For the Overachiever

CARROT – $2.99 iPhone

Sometimes being undermined, while simultaneously achieving points, is the best way to get things done! CARROT is a to-do app that bullies you into accomplishing your tasks for the day. However, once you do them you receive points, which leads to winning awards! I downloaded this for fun, but I seriously think it’s a fun app for those who like a little challenge in their lives.

For the Aesthetically Pleased

TeuxDeux – Free iPhone$3/month $24/year subscription

I just love pretty things. It is the reason I am poor and have a well decorated flat. And this extends to my productivity apps. TeuxDeux is a very gorgeous to-do app that I’ve seriously fallen in love with. You can move your activities to different days, change the colour, view your productivity stats, and it’s available on your phone and online! Seriously, if you’re looking for something pretty and effective, this is definitely the app for you!


And those are my recommended productivity apps! Give them a try and let me know what you think!

All right folks, it’s time for this enthusiast to sit down with some economics and some comfy pajamas, so I’ll bid you adieu for now!

Stay classy, Internet,










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