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The Best Videos of My Week #2

Hola Internet friends!

I know I have been absolute crap at posting regularly this week but I have good reason! My life has recently become more hectic with an overload of school work and general life things, so I’m really sorry that it is all of you that have to suffer. However, if you miss me so much that you still want to keep up with me, make sure to follow me on Twitter (@teenenthusiasm) to get all of my enthusiasms for the week! (Currently I’m asking all of you on how I can date Harry Styles. If you have the answer, tell me there!)

Anyway, on to relevant information, I thought I’d once again do a ‘Best Videos of My Week’ because so many great videos came out this week and so many interesting things happened. Haylor broke up, Charlieissocoollike and Bryarly made a video, Tom Fletcher released his wedding speech. It’s been a good week, and so now I’m going to share my favorite videos from it with you!


This video was my absolute favorite. Because for the entire video I’m thinking, “She does know they broke up, right? She’s going to be so embarrassed if she doesn’t.” And then the end happens and I just about pee my pants. DailyGrace, why are all of your videos hilarious?


They are just both so cute and funny and I just love them. Plus, I like how Bryarly knows almost all of the terms and Charlie is confused for the entire video. We obviously know who spends more time analyzing lyrics.


So, when my husband gets stuck writing his speech, I’m going to make him watch this. It’s adorable and funny, and since I am a HUGE McFly fan (going on six years baby), it was so great to see all the songs incorporated so well. Definitely a must-watch!


Wait, you didn’t know she was in the movie? This was…the highlight of a stressful week.


Sometimes I sing this song while I’m on Tumblr. You know, since Tumblr is basically the mothership of shipping and OTP’s. It’s a funny song and the very end accurately describes my relationship with Logan Lerman, Harry Styles, and Eddie Redmayne. We just haven’t met YET.

Okay guys, now that I’ve shared my favorite videos I watched this week, it’s your turn to share with me! What videos did you enjoy this week! Comment below!

Stay classy Internet,






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